Sick of waiting, media basically calls federal election on its own

Sick of waiting, media basically calls federal election on its own

(Image: Brian Burger)

We’re hardly innocent of the charge of election speculating—at this point, we’re going with “probably, but meh”—but like all good, not-so-clean fun, it can be overdone. Case in point: this morning’s Globe and Mail national politics home page, which features not one, not two, but four separate pieces about the coming election before we could so much as use the mouse wheel. (Now some people might say two of these barely count because they’re on-line-only pieces, not full articles from the dead-tree edition. To them, we say: who asked you?)

We weren’t the only ones who noticed the Globe’s enthusiasm this morning—the CBC’s Rosemary Barton caught it, too. But of course, the Globe is hardly alone: the Toronto Star, the Toronto Sun and the National Post have all run multiple pieces in the past few days about the hypothetical election, plus a bunch more about Harper’s fifth anniversary and what that means for the election.

Some in Parliament think the vote talk is the fault of the media. A party flack snarked at Barton that the press was creating the election mood out of whole cloth. Right, because it was the media who released ads from both major parties, and the media who gave themselves a tour of the NDP campaign HQ this morning.

If there’s one thing more unbecoming than media getting in the news-making business, it’s when politicos claim to be as pure as the driven snow.

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