Six things we learned about Ryan Gosling, including that he has a shy bladder

Six things we learned about Ryan Gosling, including that he has a shy bladder

In this month’s Esquire cover story, writer Tom Chiarella followed Ryan Gosling as he travelled around New York, stopping in Brooklyn, Coney Island and Manhattan’s East Village. Gosling collaborated on the cover with photographer Perou, and in the magazine, the pair recreated interpretations of Gosling’s recent dreams involving ghostly apparitions. And that’s not even the most interesting stuff we discovered about Canada’s dreamiest movie star (sorry Ryan Reynolds). Here, six more things we learned about Gosling.

1. He doesn’t talk about Breaker High.
Though Gosling says “I went through puberty in a theme park,” referring to his time spent as a Mouseketeer at Orlando’s Disney World, both he and Chiarella neglect to mention the show all Canadians under 30 first saw Gosling on: Breaker High. Is there a rider in his contract somewhere that says the subject is verboten or something? Really, why on earth would Gosling be embarrassed of playing Sean Stanley Hanlon, the wannabe ladies’ man with a penchant for silk shirts? The rest, after the jump.

2. He’s a nervous pee-er.
After Gosling runs to the Atlantic Ocean at Coney Island to do what so many children (and adults) do at the community pool, he returns sheepishly, saying, “I failed. Too much pressure, even though nobody’s watching. I gotta find a john.” Sure, the paparazzos are everywhere whenever Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton steps out of a limo without underwear, but this, they miss.

3. He constantly gets mistaken for other celebs.
The kids at Coney Island are certain they know Gosling but they can’t be sure where from–not surprisingly, Blue Valentine, Gosling’s dark, moody film about love gone sour with Michelle Williams, doesn’t ring any bells for them. But once they realize he also starred in The Notebook, they’re sure he’s Ryan Reynolds. A cashier is certain he’s Paul Bettany. If Gosling were one of Canada’s other top exports—Drake or Justin Bieber—we somehow doubt they’d have the same identification issues (but really, Paul Bettany?).

4. He makes a mean diorama.
If Gosling ever decides to give up the acting game, he could make one hell of a Grade 2 art teacher. He presented Chiarella with a detailed diorama, complete with Christmas lights to illuminate the haunted house, cemetery and small tree inside. Less child-friendly items like matches, a strike board and cigarettes are used to cover the scene in a haze.

5. He’s the candy man.
At a 7-11 in Brooklyn, Chiarella notes that Gosling talks about candy “the way rich men discuss wine; he picks it from the shelves like he’s working piano keys.” Though not a chocolate fan, Gosling picks up hilariously named candies like Hi-Chews, Kazoozles and Nerds Ropes as he laments the discontinuation of Bonkers.

6. He’s a roller coaster fanatic.
On Coney Island, Gosling wants to ride the iconic Cyclone ride, with Chiarella saying that “he grew up around them; he’s been on plenty of rides in his life.” Gosling screams, but only to comfort Chiarella, claiming, “I was trying to help. I wanted you to think there was someone more scared than you, someone who saw it your way.” At the risk of sounding like tittering schoolgirls (oh, who are we kidding?), if we were on a ride with Gosling, the best way he could keep us happy would be to hold onto us for “safety.”

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