Six spot-on Rob Ford parody Twitter accounts (plus one masterful fake Craigslist ad)


Mayor Rob Ford has a distinctively folksy way of speaking, a hot temper, a knack for saying dumb things and now an (alleged) crack scandal blowing up in his face. In other words, he’s a satirist’s dream and the Internet has stepped up to the challenge. Below, seven Rob Ford send-ups that may make you feel better about Toronto’s mayoral troubles—for a moment, anyway.

Hulk Mayor

Schtick: Rob Ford in rage-mode, with a healthy splash of neanderthal. Sample Tweet:

Thin Rob Ford

Handle: @ThinRobFord Schtick: A parallel universe Rob Ford who happens to be thin—and a little rambling, frankly. However, he has, hands down, the best profile picture of the bunch. Sample Tweet:

Mayur Rob Ford

Handle: @RobFordSearch
Schtick: The mayor as barely coherent idiot with a propensity for very specific Google searches. Sample Tweet:

80s Doug Ford

Handle: @80sDougFord
Schtick: Okay, it’s not lampooning Rob Ford, but this potty-mouthed, bro-ish, drug-dealing, van-driving, Doors-listening teenaged Doug Ford has a lot to say about his brother.
Sample Tweet:

Mayor Rob Frod

Handle: @TOMayorFrod
Schtick: A pitch-perfect send-up of the mayor’s official Twitter account—right down to the background image. Sample Tweet:


Handle: @RobFordAngry
Schtick: Hilariously short dispatches from inside the mind of the mayor. Sample Tweet:

Big Bear

Link: “Biermarket, St. Paddy’s Day 2012. You: big bear - m4m” Schtick: A clever, slightly dirty fake Craiglist missed connection from someone pretending to have fallen for Ford during his St. Paddy’s day binge in 2012. Sample quote: 


(Images, clockwise from top left: 80s Doug Ford; Thin Rob Ford; TO Mayor Frod; RobFordAngry; HulkMayor; Mayur Rob Ford)


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