Radler’s prison bound

A Canadian Press story reminds us that today is the day David Radler reports to prison at the Moshannon Valley Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania. Oddly, his inmate number hasn’t turned up on the Bureau of Prisons’ Web site (whereas Black, Boultbee and Atkinson’s all have); an indication, perhaps, that he’ll soon be heading back to B.C. to finish his sentence as a guest of the Crown. Beyond that, the article afforded somebody named James Morton, president of the Ontario Bar Association, the opportunity to spout off as follows: “This is really a tragic saga and we’re seeing the final chapter; it’s sort of the march to the Tower of London.” This, in turn, affords me the opportunity to point out that,

a) There is little or nothing “tragic” in all of this. A bunch of fraudsters who jobbed shareholders out of their money are getting pretty much what they deserve.

b) None of them are likely to lose their heads. Isn’t there a flack at the OBA vetting The Boss’s comments lest he sound like a dunce?

Oh, and Conrad Black weighed in to say, “I don’t know anything about what [Radler] is doing and have no comment about him.” This proves yet again that you can count the number of Lord Black’s unexpressed thoughts on one finger. Beyond that, The Independent in London started what I’m sure will be an avalanche of cheap shots as Lord Black fades from the scene.

“It is understood that Black has been granted his request to be assigned to low-security Coleman correctional facility, 50 miles northwest of Orlando. Despite its reputation as one of the least severe of low-security prisons, visits are strictly limited under a points system that permits up to three weekend or nine weekday visits a month.

“Such visits are likely to be a particular indignity for Lady Black, a right-wing journalist and formerly a formidable figure in high society. A fierce list of rules for visitors at Coleman includes a ban on ‘sleeveless garments, sweat pants, sweat shirts, sun dresses, leotards, wrap-around skirts, crop tops, low-cut blouses or low-cut dresses, low-cut jeans or low-cut shirts, halter tops, bathing suits or backless tops, hats, caps, headbands or headscarves, and Spandex pants.’”

Lady Black likely won’t respond, so I’ll pitch in on her behalf:


Radler to begin jail sentence today: Source [Globe and Mail]

Former Conrad Black partner David Radler set to begin jail sentence: Source [CP]

Why the fascination with Conrad Black?: Source [Toronto Star]

‘Professor’ Black to teach fellow inmates: Source [The Independent]



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