What people are saying about the Raptors’ heartbreaking loss

What people are saying about the Raptors’ heartbreaking loss

Pretty much all of Toronto was watching Game 5 of the NBA finals last night, in which a win would have clinched the series for the Raptors. In the last minutes of the game, the Raptors went on a tear, our hearts were full, Toronto collectively stopped breathing. But the Warriors managed to inch ahead by one measly point before the final buzzer. The Raps still have two more chances to redeem themselves—but Twitter, naturally, was inconsolable.

We have a sneaking suspicion that Drake will release more music in the future, regardless of whether the Raps win the title:

Maybe the loss was divine punishment?

Sometimes swearing is an act of catharsis:

Some fans believe Nick Nurse’s last-minute time-outs cost the Raptors some of their momentum in the final moments of the game:

CP24 anchor Brandon Gonez is still feeling the hurt:

The Raptors loss makes for a sad panda:

Bandwagon fans don’t know why exactly they care, but they really, really do:

Comedian and recording artist Lil Duval seems to have forgotten about the War of 1812:

Sometimes it’s not so much that someone wants the Raptors to win, but rather that they want the Golden State Warriors to lose. Call it the New England Patriots effect:

This user knows how the rest of Canada feels:

And yet, the city remains ever confident—and Canadian (look at that self-censored swear word).

Then, of course, there are the Kyle Lowry shot memes (most of them probably made before people saw that Lowry’s shot was tipped by Draymond Green):