With Hazel McCallion’s last mayoral run behind us, Mississauga politics is starting to get interesting

With Hazel McCallion’s last mayoral run behind us, Mississauga politics is starting to get interesting

The grand prize: Mississauga’s city hall (Image: Ian Muttoo)

Now that Mississauga is set to host an actual contested political election, all eyes will be on the city’s council for the remainder of Hazel McCallions final term as mayor, with a view to the people and events that could have an effect on the mayoral race in 2014. First up: the by-election to replace former councillor Eve Adams, who was one of the new crop of Conservative MPs elected in the GTA. It’s already sending ripples through Mississauga’s politics, as former Liberal MP Carolyn Parrish angles for a seat back on council (Parrish lost in last fall’s election) and others line up for a chance too.

According to the Globe and Mail:

Running in the by-election is a risk for Ms. Parrish: lose a second time and she may not have enough political capital to launch a future bid for office, mayoral or otherwise. Her career, which began as a school trustee in 1985, may very well be done….

Ms. Parrish’s greatest worry, however, may actually come from a former friend: Ms. Adams. According to Ms. Parrish, the ex-councillor at first encouraged her to run. Then, last month, over dinner at an Italian restaurant near the University of Toronto’s Mississauga campus, informed her that her husband, Conservative Party strategist Peter Adams, would enter the race. Ms. Parrish says Mr. Adams told her he had waited for her to draw out other candidates and asked her to drop out.

Peter Adams, for his part, has said Parrish “burns bridges wherever she goes.” We of course can’t forget the image of McCallion literally dancing for joy when Parrish lost last fall. To recap: the by-election isn’t until September, and we’ve already got revenge plots and friends betraying each other, all for the prize of having a shot at being mayor of Mississauga three years from now, maybe. Best of luck to all the contestants—and keep all the spite and ill feelings fresh for 2014, as the GTA’s reporters will need them.

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