Black Watch: Today’s Top Stories

Black Watch: Today’s Top Stories

As always, rather a lot of what’s interesting about Conrad Black is happening outside Room 1241. Like two lions somewhat in winter, Jean Chrétien and his Lordship pawed at each other from afar yesterday in an effort to open some old wounds. The Post reports that the promotional bumph heralding the fall publication of the former PM’s memoirs includes a reference to Conrad Black asking Chrétien, in the midst of their set-to over his ascendance to the House of Lords, whether his sitting as a Liberal in the Senate might assuage Chrétien’s misgivings. Needless to say, Chrétien is (as always) settling scores. That Black would plead for a Liberal seat in the Senate rather puts paid to the sincerity of his principled indignation at the PM blocking his way to the Lords.

In the face of this, Black swung back with both fists. First, claims Black, Chrétien brought up the idea in the first place (the callow cur thinking he could buy me off with a seat in the Canadian Senate), and second, Chrétien had already sought to exploit his connection to Black by running up the flagpole a possible appointment as governor general. Reports the Post, “I had the impression he was dangling it in front of everyone,” [Black] recalled. “He certainly mentioned it, but I didn’t respond other than to thank him for thinking of me in that context.” C’est magnifique, non? The great man doesn’t even nose the bait, so beneath him is trafficking in political favouritism. For all intents and purposes, this is all various grades of bullshit. But what bullshit!

And speaking of which, I reprint today (without comment) this morning’s post from Maclean’s man in Chicago:

“Yesterday I was chit-chatting with Lord Black on the other side of the Chicago River far from the courthouse when we were interrupted by one of the citizenry: ‘Hey, Lord, we’re all pullin’ for ya!’”

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