The No-Politics-Allowed Candidate Questionnaire: Toronto Centre

The No-Politics-Allowed Candidate Questionnaire: Toronto Centre

A handful of Toronto ridings are way too close to call. For those who can’t make up their minds on the basis of the issues, we present the ultimate tie-breaker: a questionnaire in which the front-runners answer questions on just about every topic other than politics—the theory being that if their policies haven’t won you over, perhaps their personalities will.

Bill Morneau and Linda McQuaig

Bill Morneau
(Liberal, current vote projection*: 49.6 per cent)

Linda McQuaig
(NDP, current vote projection*: 33.5 per cent)

What’s your most impressive trait?

Morneau: My ability to stay calm in challenging situations.

McQuaig: Empathy.

Your worst?

Morneau: I grew up with four younger sisters and was the prankster, much to their chagrin.

McQuaig: Indecision. Or is it?

How much do you usually tip?

Morneau: I tip generously, especially for friendly and effective service.

McQuaig: 20 per cent.

When was the last time you experienced joy?

Morneau: A few months ago, two of my kids graduated from high school, which was a particularly joyful moment for my wife Nancy and I.

McQuaig: It’s literally my middle name.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

Morneau: My mom tells me I wore a cape around the house. So maybe Superman.

McQuaig: A writer.

If you could live in any decade, which one and why?

Morneau: I’m focused on building a better future. I’m excited to live in the present and see our plan to grow the economy and the middle class have an impact on future generations of Canadians.

McQuaig: The 1830s—although I wouldn’t like dentistry without anaesthetic.

What Friends character are you?

Morneau: I share some qualities with Monica and Ross.

McQuaig: Not sure about Friends, but I wouldn’t mind being Arya in Game of Thrones.

What’s your favourite vice?

Morneau: Vanilla Girl Guide Cookies. The old-fashioned ones.

McQuaig: Joe Biden.

If you had to survive on one fast food item for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Morneau: Sub sandwiches.

McQuaig: Old-fashioned plain Timbits.

Who’s your role model?

Morneau: My wife, Nancy. She’s my biggest supporter and my kids get all of their great qualities from her.

McQuaig: My daughter.

Name a word you’re not sure how to pronounce.

Morneau: Worcestershire…

McQuaig: Fajita.

What’s the last book you read?

Morneau: Of the 7 books on my nightstand, the most dog-eared is My Best Stories, by Alice Munro.

McQuaig: Kill the Messengers: Stephen Harper’s Assault on Your Right to Know, by Mark Bourrie.

What’s a slightly embarrassing fact about you no one knew until right now?

Morneau: The real embarrassing stories will never make it into print! But a couple of weeks ago, premier Kathleen Wynne and I went for a run through Toronto Centre, which was immediately followed by a media availability. This meant that I had to quickly change out of my sweaty running gear. Having the Premier of Ontario see me shirtless was not part of the plan.

McQuaig: I once had a boyfriend called the Beast.

What’s a bad day like for you?

Morneau: Not having time to spend with my family.

McQuaig: A Friday when my basketball game is cancelled.

What smartphone app do you use the most?

Morneau: I’m hooked on a couple of apps that help me plan my running routes. The apps work well for finding new and interesting 10-kilometre routes through Toronto Centre.

McQuaig: Twitter. #teammcquaig

What’s your favourite curse word?

Morneau: I try my best not to swear, so I guess you could say I don’t have a favourite.

McQuaig: Harper.

What’s your favourite possession?

Morneau: Time is the thing I have in shortest supply!

McQuaig: My coffee mug, although not if there’s a Conservative candidate around.

What do you want your tombstone to say?

Morneau: I hope this is a long time from now, and that the inscription makes my future grandchildren smile.

McQuaig: Died October 2115.

Car, bike, or TTC?

Morneau: Sneakers.

McQuaig: Does walking count?

Dog or cat?

Morneau: Dog.

McQuaig: My dog Chance.

White or whole wheat?

Morneau: Whole wheat.

McQuaig: Rye.

Ketchup or sriracha?

Morneau: Ketchup.

McQuaig: Really, must I choose?

Drake or Meek Mill?

Morneau: According to my 18-year-old son, I am “proudly from the #6ix.”

McQuaig: Drake.

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