The Sidewalk Wars

Google has big plans to build a Jetsonian smart city on the waterfront, and Torontonians have strong opinions about it: is it the solution to all our problems or the end of the world as we know it? We asked 18 super-smart people to tell us what they think

Everything you need to know about Sidewalk

| 1 | The Backstory, by Jason McBride

| 2 | Toronto is surveillance capitalism’s new frontier, by Shoshana Zuboff

| 3 | Sidewalk Labs is the future of urban tech, by Richard Florida

| 4 | A smart city should serve its users, not mine their data, by Cory Doctorow

| 5 | Sidewalk Labs will attract and retain tech talent, by Jan De Silva

| 6 | Sidewalk needs to integrate with the waterfront, by Bruce Kuwabara

| 7 | A big city needs to take big risks, by Mohamed Lachemi

| 8 | The Sidewalk Labs deal is unconstitutional, by Michael Bryant

| 9 | Toronto needs to maintain control of its transit planning, by Gord Perks

| 10 | Sidewalk is our last chance to save the waterfront, by Joe Berridge

| 11 | The Quayside project is a gift to Toronto’s public realm, by Ken Greenberg

| 12 | Sidewalk’s affordable housing isn’t really affordable, by Jennifer Keesmaat

| 13 | Toronto can create a new model of urban development, by Dan Doctoroff

| 13 | Corporations should not be controlling our city-building, by Bianca Wylie

| 14 | De-identifying data at the source is the only way Sidewalk can work, by Ann Cavoukian

| 15 | Toronto needs exciting new architecture, by Alexander Josephson

| 16 | We can harness the private sector for the public good, by Robert Prichard

| 17 | Sidewalk needs to work with Toronto’s tech ecosystem, by Yung Wu

| 18 | Sidewalk Labs is Toronto’s best hope for sustainability, by Kwame McKenzie