How to smoke your legal marijuana in style

How to smoke your legal marijuana in style

So the Ontario Cannabis Store finally delivered your totally legal weed. You could go the old-school route and fire up a tie-dyed bong covered in pictures of pot leaves. Or, you could invest in some sleek new smoking implements that make you look like a grownup, rather than a teen at a Phish concert. We have a few suggestions.

Inda Pipe Necklace

Both ends of this wearable stainless steel pipe have caps that unscrew. The top is a hollow chamber that’s perfect for herbal storage, and the bottom is a mouthpiece—just light and suck. $100.


Rolled Wood Smoke Filters

Skilled joint rollers know that filter tips improve airflow and help minimize slobber-related mishaps in puff-puff-pass situations. These hand-planed maple curls are both sturdy and stylish. $23.


High Noon Pipe

Made in Toronto, this stoneware pipe is slip-casted and glazed at the tip for a silky feel on the lips. No two are the same. $60. Tokyo Smoke, 668 Queen St. W.


Summerland Pleasure Point Marble Bong

This bong’s faux marble ceramic exterior would look beautiful on any bookshelf. Its glazed interior makes for a smooth hit. $288.


Sigaretta Metal Stick Lighter

Tokyo-based Tsubota Pearl has been producing expertly crafted metal goods since the 1950s. The Sigaretta is eye-catching and elegant—a definite improvement over a disposable lighter. And it comes in rose gold, just like an iPhone. $38.


Beton Brut Container

This concrete stash jar, from Brooklyn-based Light + Ladder, is a much more attractive weed-storage option than a Ziploc. It would look nice in any downtown loft. $207.


Heirloom Stack

A first-time collab between Toronto design firm Castor and cannabis lifestyle brand Tokyo Smoke, the Heirloom Stack looks like a 1930s candy dish. The three-piece set functions as a pipe, a grinder and an ashtray. $225. Tokyo Smoke, 668 Queen St. W.


Regenbogen Ashtray

This crystal ashtray, from German designer Fundamental Berlin, has an entrancing iridescent finish that’s all the more impressive after a couple of joints. $117.


Van der Pop Calla Multi-Tool

This two-piece brass set helps scoop stray bud and pack joints for a pristine roll. Plus, it’s stylish enough to be displayed on a bar cart. $30. Tokyo Smoke, 668 Queen St. W.