2022’s best gifts for cannabis lovers

Smoked, sipped or slathered—however your friends choose to consume, there’s a gift to match. We’ve picked this year’s greatest weed-centric gifts that are sure to charm the cannabis enthusiast in your life.

Plantchek THC and CBD Quick Test Kits

When it comes to your cannabis intake, knowledge is power. Plantchek is the gold standard for onsite cannabis testing, allowing small-batch cultivators and consumers to confidently test the THC and CBD potency of their oils, extracts, concentrates and edibles. No labs are needed with Plantchek's THC and CBD Quick Test kits, so whether you're curious about your homegrown plants or wanting to be a more informed consumer, look no further for a tool that's both reliable and accurate. | plantchek.com

XMG Cream Soda

As nostalgic as it is bold in its sip, the XMG Cream Soda is a high-potency beverage in a classic flavour. With 10 mg of THC, the refreshing cream soda can be served straight up and right out of the can, for a punchy sweetness that's the perfect way to end a holiday meal. | trussbeverages.com

Divvy Pineapple Nuken Pre-Rolls

Escape with a taste of the tropics with Divvy's Pineapple Nuken Pre-Rolls. A cross between Pineapple Haze and Nuken, this high-THC hybrid is a fan favourite for its sweet, fruity aromas and earthy undertones. The flower's fluffy round buds are sativa-dominant, packed with an exotic terpene profile that's rich in ocimene, farnesene, and caryophyllene—all neatly packed in 12 pre-rolls. | ocs.ca

Divvy Incredible Milk, Whole Flower

Even the pickiest of cannabis connoisseurs will be pleased to receive a pack of the Incredible Milk dried flower. This powerful blend fuses the best of two strains—Bruce Banner #3 and Tiger's Milk—resulting in a sativa-dominant cultivar with a strong THC potency. Harvested to maximize terpenes, a first whiff of these buds will give a pungent sour-skunky aroma, followed by a sweet but peppery flavour. | ocs.ca

Divvy California Orange 510 Vape Cartridge

Perfect for the longtime cannabis lover, Divvy's California Orange 510 Vape Cart is inspired by the popular Cali-O strain, which has been much-loved since the 1980s. The pre-filled cartridge boasts a zesty aroma and a freshly squeezed citrus flavour, made using CO₂-extracted distillate mixed with a custom blend of botanical terpenes. | ocs.ca

Drift Pomegranate Berry Glitches

Just in time for a season of festive sharing: Drift's newly released Pomegranate Berry Glitches come in a pack of 10, each with 10 mg of THC for a generous 100 mg of THC per package. These deliciously soft chewable extracts are loaded with sweet, tangy flavours that pack serious punch. For a more piña colada-inspired bite, Drift Glitches are also available in Pineapple Coconut flavour with 50 mg of THC per pack. | driftcannabis.com

Greybeard Cannabis Co. BMOG Live Resin 510 Vape Cart

‘Tis the season for premium vapes, like Greybeard’s BMOG Live Resin 510 Vape Cart. This highly curated vape is made through a hydrocarbon process that produces a 100% pure Live Resin from Greybeard’s Banana Milkshake OG flower—an ultra-popular, sun-grown, single source strain that delivers a sweet citrus fruit profile with light floral notes of wild rose. | ocs.ca

San Rafael ’71 Sourdough Dried Flower

Gather 'round to break bread this holiday season with one of the top strains of the year—the Sourdough Dried Flower by San Rafael ’71. Its aroma of delicious baked goods comes from a blend of Sour Diesel and Cake lineages, with a very strong potency of indica-dominant THC. Bred on Vancouver Island, where it was hand-selected for unique traits across thousands of rich and diverse genetics, Sourdough is one you'll want to keep for yourself. | ocs.ca

Green Monké Tropical Citrus Soda

Toast to the good times with Green Monké's Tropical Citrus soda, a delicious low-dose sparkling emerald beverage bursting with pineapple and grapefruit notes. With 6mg of CBD and 3mg of THC, the 2:1 ratio gives you a social high that’s perfect for holiday happy hours. Best served chilled with a slice of lime. | ocs.ca

Station House Holiday Pre-Roll Variety 6-Pack

Help your stoner friend discover their new favourite strain by adding the Station House Holiday Pre-Roll 6 Pack Sampler to their stocking. As the ultimate sampler, this multi-pack contains six 0.5g pre-rolls inspired by festive strains including Northern Lights, Jack Frost, Gingerbread Kush, Milk and Cookies, Sugarplum Fairy and Christmas Tree Cake. | stationhouse.ca

Superette Big Smoke Tourist Tee

Represent one of Toronto's most colourful cannabis shops with this Big Smoke Tee, featuring artwork from Montreal-based Pete Florentini. | superetteshop.com

Solei Free moisturizing cream

Surprise your favourite self-care fiend with the Solei Moisturizing Cream. With a fresh cucumber-mint scent, this creamy formula contains high levels of CBD for maximum TLC. | ocs.com

Tweed’s Lemon Berry Buzz 510 Thread Cartridge 1G

Flavour lovers who are looking for a little bit more from their cannabis will appreciate the subtle fruity notes of Tweed’s Lemon Berry Buzz 510 Thread Cartridge 1G. Natural terpenes will elevate your usual taste experience without sacrificing potency at 85% THC. Just pair with a 510-threaded battery and it’s ready to enjoy. | tweed.com

Tweed Quickies Kush Mints

For those making their way around a packed party circuit, these pre-rolls are convenient, freshly sealed in a recyclable case and ready when you are. Tweed Quickies are made with Kush Mints, a high THC indica-dominant hybrid strain known for its unique minty and earthy flavour and aroma profile. Each pack comes with 10 0.35g joints. | tweed.com

Tweed Fizz Mango

Secure a return invite for next year's holiday party by showing up with a few Tweed Fizz Mangoes to share. The bubbly beverage contains the inspired combination of natural mango flavour, 5mg of THC and effervescent carbonated water. Its light fruit flavour is a perfect balance of sweet with underlying hints of sour. | tweed.com

This communication is intended for adults only. There are risks associated with cannabis use. For information, search online “Health Canada – cannabis health effects”.