Whether you’re shopping for yourself, a fellow cannabis aficionado, or are just canna-curious, holiday shopping just got easier. From edibles and topicals to vape pens, hash and bud, we’ve rounded up the latest and greatest CBD and THC centric gifts to help you and your fellow cannabis enthusiasts elevate your experiences to new heights.

Bedfellows, Liquid Arts

Bringing together creative minds, the unlikely Bedfellows came together to create these carefully crafted beverages. HAUS MATES (THC 7.5 milligrams + CBD 2.5 milligrams IBU: 18-22) is a pale beverage with a bright, clean appearance that brings together a balance of malt sweetness with floral, noble hop character. INDIE PALS (10 milligrams THC + 2 milligrams CBD IBU: 40-45) pairs fruity hop character with notes of apricot, melon and a slight bitterness. Forget the familiar, these make the ideal gift for those looking to explore the uncharted this holiday season. |

House of Terpenes, Pinene & Sparkling Tonic

House of Terpenes Pinene & Sparkling Tonic offers a unique terpene-inspired flavour twist to bring to the table this holiday season, making it the perfect host/hostess gift. Combining the woodsy, botanical flavour of fir, balanced with notes of citrus, sage and a hint of black peppercorn, it’s best served over ice with a twist of lemon rind. Contains 5 milligrams THC + 5 milligrams CBD. |

Blood Orange, Yuzu & Vanilla Sparkling Juice

Combining flavours of yuzu and blood orange with a touch of sweet vanilla for a smooth finish, this sparkling juice is beyond balanced in flavour with emulsions of 10 milligrams of THC and 10 milligrams of CBD. ⁠|


PAX 3® puts the happy in happy holidays for those on your list who want to get the most out of their cannabis. PAX 3® is the ultimate portable cannabis vaporizer for loose leaf and concentrates. A large oven and intelligent heat-up technology deliver strong, pure flavour in seconds—without the harmful by-products of smoke. Sync with the PAX® App to personalize and save your preferences for a perfect session every time. Now available in Midnight Rain, while supplies last. |

Solei, Free Oil

Perfect for new or experienced users, Solei’s Free Oil provides controlled dosing in a flavourless format so you can easily add it to prepared foods (or place it directly under your tongue). Free Oil has 10 milligrams per millilitre of CBD and little-to-minimal THC potency. If you’re looking for a little more intensity, Free Plus+ Oil is now available with three times the potency. |

Solei, Wild Strawberry & Lavender Fog 510 Vape

If one is the loneliest number, then two is certainly a better choice. Give your day a kiss of sunshine with this fruity mixed pack that includes two pocket-friendly 510 cartridges, each with its own extraordinary aroma, 80% high THC potency and no cutting agents or carrier oils. Revel in summer strawberry notes with Sense Wild Strawberry or let Unplug Lavender Fog shine with soothing lavender and bergamot notes. |

Good Supply, Good Ol’ Hash

Take a trip down memory lane with Good Ol’ Hash. These aren’t the bricks you think you know—pliable and dense, this 35% THC hash is made in the old-school, traditional style. Break out the hot knives or add it to your favourite flower for a retro hash experience that’s even better than you remember. |

RIFF, Gilded Grams 7x 0.5g Pre-Rolls

No mistakes, just happy accidents. Gilded Grams is RIFF’s unique take on Golden Goat, which was originally the result of an unplanned pollination event between Hawaiian-Romulan and Sweet Skunk strains. This blessing-in-disguise takes on a unique golden appearance closer to harvest and oozes fruity aromas with hints of sour and spice. Consider this a golden opportunity to try something new. |

Broken Coast, Stargazer Wax

Your first dab of Broken Coast Stargazer Wax will make you say, “Woah!” To craft this pristine wax, Broken Coast harvests the beautiful, deep purple-and-green flowers at peak trichome maturity, cures the buds, which then undergoes a careful extraction process for the cannabis, terpene and flavour components. The resulting concentrate is a dabbable wax with a dank fruity profile and 70-78% THC. |

Chowie Wowie, Balance Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate so smooth, it should be a crime. Chowie Wowie Balance THC/CBD Milk Chocolate contains one creamy piece of milk chocolate with 10 milligrams of THC and 10 milligrams of CBD. Easily breakable into two servings, it’s perfect for sharing. Made with 100% THC and CBD distillate, it provides consistent dosing per serving. Start with one serving, then wait to feel the effects. |

Canaca, Purps Flower

Canaca’s Purps boasts fantastic floral flavour with big hits of fruit and pine. Feast your eyes on these mixed green flowers with frostiness and fiery orange pistils. Originating from an unknown landrace and sharing genetic lineage with Mendocino Purps from Northern California, its ferociously potent 20-24% THC cultivar is something you’ll want to get acquainted with. |

Lavender Fizz Bath Bomb

Nothing screams self-care more than a CBD-infused bath bomb. This fragrant bath fizz contains CBD extract and locally sourced lavender flowers and essential oils. Let it dissolve in a warm bath for a blissful moment of “me time” this holiday season. |

Freshly Minted Roll-On

Essential oils, anyone? Designed to be applied on the hairline, neck, forehead and shoulders, this roll-on contains a blend of essential oils including peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus, along with 200 milligrams of CBD per bottle—a perfect holiday blend. It provides a soothing, aromatic experience for cannabis consumers. |

Omega CBD Softgels

A fusion of CBD and your daily routine, each soft gel is filled with full-spectrum CBD (30 milligrams) extract suspended in omega-3 fish oil. Give the gift of CBD to your friends and loved ones this holiday season. |

Holiday Bath Fizz Collection

Searching for the ultimate grown-up stocking stuffer? This Holiday Bath Fizz Collection features three aromatic scents infused with CBD extract: Lavender Fizz, Shinrin Yoku (cedar, pine, orange and eucalyptus) and Freshly Minted (peppermint, eucalyptus and tea tree). |

Peach Serene Gummies

Everyone knows the holidays can get a little turbulent. Keep your spirits bright and spread the holiday cheer with Peach Serene gummies by Aurora Drift. Each gummy explodes with a ripe and juicy peach flavour and 10 mg of CBD to help coast through all the festivities. Available in 5 packs. |

Blaspberry Gummies

Sweeten up your holidays with Blaspberry Gummies by San Rafael ’71. Soft, chewy and blue, every delicious Blaspberry Gummy is packed with 2.5 mg of THC and sensational flavours of raspberry and blueberry with minimal cannabis taste (if any). Available in 4 packs. Give the people you love a tasty stocking stuffer that won’t get regifted. |

Driftwood Diesel

Bred from ultra-popular Fuel and GMO lineages, Driftwood Diesel showcases vibrant green and purple buds with pungent notes of gasoline and lemon with a very festive 21– 27% THC. With 100% unique and proprietary genetics and a terpene-rich profile that will satisfy even the pickiest of cannabis connoisseurs, you can gift the very best for the holidays. |

Superette Robe & Slides

Get super comfortable for every smoke sesh with Sup's terry robe, no matter the weather. It's perfect to wear while you're lounging poolside or on-da-couch. And while you're at it, slip into some Superette Slides, light one up and drift off to Cloud 420. |

Superette & SSSOAPS Collection

Elevate a daily ritual with our Superette and SSSOAPS collaboration! These bars are filled with so many scented soap-prizes like black pepper, wintergreen and clove; there's something for everyone. Available for a limited time, all SSSoaps have been hand-made in Toronto. |

Superette & TAM vape keychain

This is the PEARLfect solution for misplacing your vape. Each chain is locally made in collaboration with TAM Jewelry, using a flat keyring. Available for standard 510 battery and PAX era. |

FIGR Go Chill Sour OG Cheese PreRoll 3x 0.5g

For those who prefer to grab and go, FIGR's Sour OG Cheese prerolls pack a punch. With up to 29% THC, this strain tastes of pungent, earthy cheese with a diesel aftertaste, followed by a gentle floral aroma. #GOCHILL with the high-THC, indica-dominant Sour OG Cheese from FIGR. |

Pure Sunfarms Pink Kush Pre-Rolls

These perfectly packed pre-rolls are great for quick sessions. Available in packs of 10, grab a few for yourself and bring the rest to spark a little joy at your next holiday party. Packed in a ready-to-gift reusable tin. Each 0.3-gram pre-roll is filled with Pink Kush, a beloved BC indica, with notes of pepper, butterscotch, coffee and earth. Rolled with care from filter to twist, the sleek tapered design holds precision-ground flower for the perfect pull. |

Pure Sunfarms Sour Black Cherry THC Gummies

Pure Sunfarms' gummies make for a delightful holiday treat and are perfect for cozy gatherings. These premium, delicious cannabis-infused gummies are plant-based and made with real fruit. Each gummy features 2.5 milligrams of THC, tailored for those seeking a buildable THC experience. Available in packs of four. |

Pure Sunfarms x Laura Garcia Serventi Art Print

Inspired by the vibrant world of cannabis, these art prints will light up any room. Created by botanical artist Laura Garcia Serventi, each custom illustration capture the origins of Pure Sunfarms’ signature strains including Afghan Kush, Blue Dream, Pink Kush, Jet Fuel Gelato and Black Cherry Punch. For more out-of-the-box gift ideas for the cannabis lovers in your life, check out the Pure Sunfarms Marketplace. The collections feature a variety of high-quality apparel, accessories, objects and art inspired by a love of plants and modern life. |

Broken Coast, Sour OG Flower

A cross between the famous OG Kush and Sour Diesel strains, Sour OG is a legend in its own right. This superb sativa cultivar is known for its bright green buds with extensive trichome cover- age and copious lime and diesel aromas. With 19-25% THC potency, this pungent phenotype is well-balanced while retaining the best qualities of its cele- brated parents. Grown indoors in small-batch, strain-specific rooms, it’s then slowly hang cured and hand-trimmed. |

DOJA 91K Dried Cannabis 3.5g

Doja 91K is a high THC Indica strain bred from the Chemdawg '91 crossed with the infamous Captain Krypt OG. Together this lineage creates a strain that emits a deep, dank terpene profile that includes caryophyllene and limonene. These medium-sized nugs have a pungent, classic earthy smell, with distinct floral and musky undertones. |

Ace Valley CBN Blackberry Lemon Gummies

Each Ace Valley CBN Blackberry Lemon Dream gummy features a calming blackberry flavour with a clean lemon finish. These gummies are formulated with precise doses of 5 mg THC and 2.5 mg CBN per gummy, with your nighttime routine in mind. Available in packs of two. Gluten-free, vegan. |

7ACRES Wappa 49

Wappa 49 is the result of an intensive phenotype hunt to find the most exotic and fruity aromatic profile. With beautiful, dense buds coated in milky-white trichomes, this Indica-dominant strain produces a smooth taste with deep fruit flavours. Kick back and let dank tropical notes fill the room, conjuring up memories of sunny beaches and palm trees. It’s like a vacation, without stressful flights. Let the tropical aromas and flavours of Wappa 49 take you away. |

Deep Space Limon Splashdown 222mL

Welcome to Deep Space. Get ready for splashdown. Small, potent and ready-to-go, Deep Space Limon Splashdown is a full-flavoured beverage that is rooted in lime & lemon flavours with a unique Deep Space twist. This 10mg THC-infused carbonated beverage comes in a 222ml sleek can. |

12 Js for the Holidays

A collaboration between THINKER and AHLOT, “12 Js for the Holidays” is Canada’s first legal advent-inspired cannabis calendar featuring 12 x 0.25g pre-rolls to turn your thoughts ON + OFF during the holiday season. Six of the “ON” pre-rolls are Ksmorz, a very potent Sativa curated for its flavour profiles of dark chocolate and graham crackers. Six of the “OFF” pre-rolls are Dos Z Dos, a very potent Indica curated for its sedative effects. Each pre-roll is hand-packed with hang dried and hand-trimmed whole flower, meeting OCS Craft Designation. 12 Js for the Holidays will be available at select Ontario retail stores starting November 17th. |

Green Monké, Orange Passionfruit

California's Best Tasting THC drink is the perfect one to bring to your BFF's holiday cocktail party. Green Monké is a delicious low-dose sparkling soda that is highly sessionable with a 2:1 CBD to THC ratio that is just right for socializing. |


They may be slim but these pre-rolls pack a punch. Made with Pink Gas flower that contains no shake or trim, you can expect a distinct, gas-like scent when this 80% Indica dominant strain hits the nose. Rolled with slow-burning rod paper and a biodegradable filter, these perfectly-sized 10-packs are made for giving–even if it's a special gift you give yourself. |

This communication is intended for adults only. There are risks associated with cannabis use. For information, search online “Health Canada – cannabis health effects”.