Where to find some of the best shoes in town

Where to find some of the best shoes in town

Daniela Bosco, owner of Chasse Gardée (Photo by Jenna Marie Wakani)

Tracking down fabulous original footwear on Queen West hasn’t always been an easy task. Chain retailers have squeezed out many smaller boutiques and the unique lines they offered. The void bothered Daniela Bosco so much that she opened Chasse Gardée at Dovercourt (she was sick of schlepping to Yorkville). “I didn’t want to be anywhere else in the city,” says Bosco. “I love Queen West.” The petite boutique, which doubles as a yoga studio in the off-hours, is sparsely stocked—shoes and handbags are given gallery treatment—but what glorious stock it is. Bosco calls the fashion industry disposable and instead wants to offer customers well-made pieces that stand out from the crowd. Here are 11 of her favourites.

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Chasse Gardée. 1084 Queen St. W., 416-901-9613.

Product photos by Jenna Marie Wakani.