We escaped to Jakarta at David Dixon’s fall/winter LG Fashion Week show

We escaped to Jakarta at David Dixon’s fall/winter LG Fashion Week show

Dixon and his dolls (Image: Jenna Marie Wakani)

Running an hour late amid on-again off-again cancellation rumours, David Dixon’s “Escape to Jakarta” fall/winter showcase did not get off to a good start. Impatient audience members had already stood in a 40-minute line for admittance and became increasingly impatient as they waited in their seats for the kickoff. Front row yawns were spotted, and at least one “okay, this better be fierce” was overheard.

A fierce start it was not. Instead of rushing forward with the show, we were treated to a filmed retrospective titled Sweet Sixteen, a compilation of black and white montages, lengthy voiceovers and various looks from the past. Had it begun at its original 9:30 p.m. start time (the show finally got rolling at 11 p.m.), we might have smiled and feigned interest in the sentiment, but thanks to whatever we’re-so–New York schedule LG Fashion Week is operating on, we were starting to feel like this whole affair was meant to serve as punishment. Suffer for fashion, right? See the full collection and our review after the jump.

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The show’s highlights began with a flowing red crepe de Chine leopard print gown with leather paillette detailing around the neck, while a selection of not-too-fussy jackets and coats were featured prominently in black, including a standout topper made of sequin and boiled wool. Black and white dresses in ikat cottons and organzas were the strongest allusion to Indonesia, while a black floor-length gown with leather polka dots and capped sleeves offered a modern take on a ball gown.

Less intriguing looks included a knee-length dress in white with a black lace and laser cut overlay, as well as “digital python” charmeuse pieces that came across far more exciting in name than in execution. Dixon knows how to make feminine frocks, but this vision became muddled in an assortment of repetitive prints or, in one case, a fringe skirt made of sheet metal that fell apart on the runway.

After the show, we snapped out of our dreamlike journey to Jakarta and, clutching to our gifted VitaminWater, went in search of the nearest exit.