Toronto’s Best Dressed: Jessica de Ruiter

Toronto’s Best Dressed: Jessica de Ruiter

Picking the perfect wedding dress is arguably the most important fashion decision some women will ever make. Los Angeles–based stylist Jessica de Ruiter (a former Vogue editor and Toronto native) pulled off an enviable mix of timeless and contemporary for her big day. We caught up with the newlywed—pictured here with her husband, artist Jed Lind, outside their reception at the Gardiner Museum—to get the scoop on stylish simplicity and why wedding conventions were made to be broken.

(Photo by Jon Barber)

As a stylist, you must have been imagining your wedding dress for years. How did you decide on this one?
I was never one of those girls who dreamed about her wedding. I started looking in L.A., where I live, after we decided to get married. I went to Saks and found some amazing Oscar de la Renta gowns. Turns out the only other place to find his wedding collection in L.A. was at a tiny trunk show in the Valley, so I went there, which is where I found the dress. I took Jed to see it.

You took the groom to see the dress before the big day? Isn’t that against the rules?
I know, but I trust his opinion so much, and from the start we’ve been doing everything together. I decided to buy the dress in Toronto so I wouldn’t have to worry about shipping. I went to White in Yorkville, and it was the best experience. The ambience was perfect: they serve cookies and champagne. There is nothing like that in L.A.

What exactly did you love about this dress?
For me it was all about avoiding the trends. I tried on a really great strapless gown, but everyone has been doing strapless for the past few years. This dress felt timeless.

What about the groom’s suit?
It’s Dior Homme. He bought it a few years ago, and he loves it, so it seemed like the perfect choice. He just got a new shirt and tie for the wedding.

You guys seem pretty low maintenance.
I really tried hard to keep things simple with the hair, the jewellery, the makeup. I had one of those test runs where they did an updo and a lot of blush and eye makeup and everything. It looked nice, but at the last minute, I decided it wasn’t me and went natural.

So you’re one of those no-makeup girls that everyone hates.
Ha! No. It’s not like I just hopped out of bed; I had my hair blow-dried. I’m wearing mascara and lip gloss.

Is there a famous wedding gown that you really love?
The first thing that comes to mind is Carolyn Bessette walking out of the tiny chapel in Narciso Rodriguez. At the time, I don’t think anyone had ever worn a wedding dress like that. So not fussy and frilly. Totally unstructured.

Got any advice for future brides?
The day should feel authentic, feel like you. With all the Web sites, magazines and TV shows, it’s so easy to get stuck in what you think you’re supposed to do. The wedding industry is insane!

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