The woman who brought down Adam Giambrone wants to be a model

The woman who brought down Adam Giambrone wants to be a model

A photo Kristen Lucas sent to Drink the Glitter (Photo via Drink the Glitter)

It was down to us and Canadian Grocer in terms of media outlets that hadn’t mentioned the Adam Giambrone sex scandal. But after Kristen Lucas, the 20-year-old whose secret relationship with the former mayoral candidate has caused him to drop out of the race, sent her glamour shots (we use the term glamour liberally) to celebrity gossip blog Drink the Glitter yesterday, we’re hopping on the Giambrone media gravy train based on the model technicality.

“She didn’t want ugly pictures of her out there…she wanted good pictures,” David Robert from Drink the Glitter told the National Post regarding the MySpace-esque photos she submitted to the blog. But despite all the media attention, which included news crews knocking on her door as she hid in her house, Robert says Lucas still wants to be famous: “She wants to be a model. She wants to be an actress.”

The photos are mostly shots of her dressed in Halloween-like party regalia and one heavily airbrushed headshot that makes her look like the Octomom. If Lucas thinks these shots are going to get her a meeting with Elmer Olsen, she needs to update her portfolio.

While it’s interesting to get a Toronto version of the Woods/Sanford/Edwards scandals, it’s unlikely that, like the alleged “other women” in those affairs, Lucas will get a book deal, a spot on Entertainment Tonight or even her full 15 minutes.

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