Tavi Gevinson’s gig on Fashion Television: less chat, more hat

Tavi Gevinson's gig on Fashion Television: less chat, more hat

When we first wrote about Tavi Gevinson’s reporting gig for Fashion Television—the pint-sized teen blogger was hired to cover a few runway shows in New York while Jeanne Beker headed to the Olympics—we still hadn’t seen the footage. A short clip of Gevinson’s stint is now on the FT Web site. In it, she walks from show to show, air-kisses friends and poses for photographers. Her personal style is the main draw, with blue-grey hair accessorized with a turban or flower-shaped hat. (We can’t decide whether she looks like she dresses from the Tickle Trunk or like a 60-year-old cat lady.) We see her chatting with model Coco Rocha, designer Jeremy Scott and fellow blogger Bryan Boy, but she doesn’t actually interview anyone. Instead, she’s the subject of the brief segment.

When asked for her reaction to sudden fame, she says:

The best part is that I started [blogging] because I just wanted to know more about fashion and I just wanted to have fun… I guess I really enjoy that I can find out what I’m really curious about even if it’s really weird. I’ve met some amazing people, so if I’m fourth row next season, that’s okay.

We wonder if Jeanne would feel the same.

Fashion week with Tavi [Fashion Television]


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