Suzanne Rogers invites the Internet into her closet

Suzanne Rogers invites the Internet into her closet

Suzanne Rogers makes a splash on the streets and the Internet (Image: Stefania Yarhi)

Equal parts a little girl’s dream and a style-conscious socialite’s crown jewel, Suzanne Rogers’ closet is truly an accomplishment—although in what, other than abundance, we’re not so sure. A massive spread, freshly launched on the appropriately titled fashion and style website The Coveteur, has finally put Rogers’ masterpiece on display for the entire world to fawn over. The site’s profile of the fashion aficionado is more akin to fashion porn than anything else, and in order to fully appreciate the sheer decadence of Rogers’ mentionables, we recommend reviewing The Coveteur’s complete editorial coverage. Meanwhile, we’ve broken her closet down into some of its key elements:

The fitting room: “Timeless and oh-so-very feminine” is how Rogers describes this Old World- and French-inspired space adorned with multiple wall units, each packed and colour-coded with shoes for just about every occasion—barring, of course, any occasion takes place in the spring or summer, because Rogers apparently only has room to keep two seasons’ worth of goodies on display. Who said wealth didn’t have limitations? See more of Suzanne Rogers’ closet after the jump.

It’s a Barbie playhouse tea party: An antique place setting with bright pink quilted Chanel handbags is the perfect place for guests to rest their feet after touring the closet grounds. It’s hardly the only place we found handbags in this home—they’re spilling out from behind every nook and cranny.

Pat Benatar has nothing on these jackets: Among Rogers’ “rocker chic” jacket collection, she highlights a selection of Balmain crystal-detailed coats, but we think they look more ladies-who-lunch than Courtney Love. Call us crazy, but when we thought rock ’n’ roll, we thought of her Christopher Kane jacket collection.

The pastels that shook the world: From pink to periwinkle, Rogers’ shoe collection features heavyweights like Yves Saint Laurent, Nicholas Kirkwood and Brian Atwood. Her bright and bubbly personality is well represented: “I will wear bright colours even when I’m 90,” she says. If only this were the sole concern of our lives.

Call this display the perks of being a high-profile fundraiser, philanthropist and heir to the Rogers fortune. At least Rogers’ soul-crushing collection is carefully assembled to reflect her perfect public image (the whole photo shoot is overtly staged; where are the strewn panties or the outfit from last night’s party in a ball on the floor?). For someone of means, this is a high standard. For everyone else, there’s MasterCard.