Street Style: Toronto Raptors fans at Jurassic Park

By Jean Grant| Photography by Gabby Frank

Hours before game five kicked off against the Miami Heat last night, Raptors fans swarmed the ACC to snag prime plots inside Jurassic Park, ground zero for the team’s diehard devotees. Outside the sectioned-off (and heavily guarded) area, Torontonians vied for spots while decked out in their brightest reds and purples. Here, our favourite Raps-supporting looks (that clearly helped the team eke out a tie-breaking win).

Stephanie Spence

33, Student “I got this jersey at Sportchek many years ago. It’s very old-school. I’m about as big a fan as it gets. I’ve run out in the street cheering with my pots and pans.”  

Sean Menezes

25, Financial analyst “I’ve been a massive fan since the 2000s. My favourite moment was the Cory Joseph shot against the Wizards, when he nailed that game-winning three-pointer.”  

Rachel Lee

19, Student “I love the Raptors, and games like this are such a fun way for everyone to come together and root for the same thing. My mom got this shirt for me ages ago, so I thought I’d break it out today.”  

Julian Flemmings

24, Go train specialist “I’ve got my retro jersey and retro cap on today. I watch every single game. I loved when they beat the Cavaliers this year.”  

Taryn and Kelly MacDonald

19, 20, Students Taryn: “These shirts are from a game two years ago. We’re big fans. No, major. Major fans. We’ve been to Jurassic Park four times already this season.”  

Brian Lee

26, Labourer “I’m a diehard fan, but I prefer to sport the classic purple colours. I guess I’m old-school like that.”  

Chanteya Brown

20, Student “I wear the Raptors logo somewhere basically every day—basketball’s definitely my favourite sport. I got this jacket at the ACC.”  

Shabana Rahaman

24, business owner “I like to coordinate my reds. I think the Raptors play better when everyone’s cheering them on, so I’m here with all my spirit.”  

Shannalee Lyew, Christina Archer

14, 13, Students Archer: “We’re really big fans. We come down here for every game.”  

Meaghan Sheffield

29, Teacher “I wore these tights to school today, then changed right after into the short-shorts-jersey combo. We come to the home openers every year but this is our first playoff game.”  

Alex Caruso

25, Student “I’ve been a fan ever since I was born. I’ve been waiting 20 years for this!”  

Neena Salifu

20, Student “I’ve been a fan since the bad times, but now I’m enjoying the good times.”  

Sonia Bajwa

21, Unemployed “The Cavaliers buzzer-beater was by far my favourite Raps moment so far.”  

From left: Lainey Buning, Anna Javellana, Braden Buning, Francis Buning

Shipping supplier, Cashier, KIDS Javallana: “We all cheered huge when they won against Miami.”  

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