Street Style: Toronto Flower Market on Queen West

Street Style: Toronto Flower Market on Queen West

Toronto’s west-end flower market, which takes over Shaw Park once a month from May through October, is where the city’s aspiring horticulturalists go to pick out fresh floral arrangements from more than a dozen local vendors. We stopped by the market on a sweltering Saturday and spotted fashionably laid-back shoppers browsing spiky succulents, perfect bouquets and lots of peonies. Here, our favourite garden-appropriate attire.



Becky Caulford

36, Designer
“This is the most comfortable thing I own. I also wore it yesterday. I’m getting peonies and little baby lilacs for the house.”



Jordan Cleland

24, Unemployed
“My look is comfortable and unique. I’m shopping for succulents because they’re less work and they last.”




Dylan O’Leary

26, Student
“I got this backpack from Klaxon Howl a few years ago. They only made a few of them. My buddy just restored the leather. I’m going to visit my grandma later, so I’m going to get some flowers, too.”



Rosalie Villanueva

33, Production assistant
“I’m putting together my own bouquet with a bunch of samples.”




Lauren Sellen

31, Floral designer
“I love linen and things with movement—I got this dress at Meg. This is a dinner plate dahlia that kind of matches my dress.”




Nancy Yen

35, Sales coordinator
“I got a bear claw—I love it because it’s so furry!”



Kathryn Papas

27, Teacher
“I was wondering if this shirt was a bit too on-theme. I bought some tulips and irises for my mom.”



AJ Manuel

29, Sales manager
“I got some flowers for my girlfriend and the house.”



Gabriella Pacifico

24, Conference planner/blogger
“I was going for a summery, easy breezy look today. It’s nice to be able to finally shed some layers.”




Adrienne Lau

25, Administrator
“I wanted to keep it cool today. These peonies are for me and my mom.”

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