Overheard at Toronto Fashion Week

Overheard at Toronto Fashion Week

(Image: Vibhu Gairola)

There’s something gleefully surreal about Toronto Fashion Week, where people are so invested in being seen that they sometimes forget they’re also being heard. Here, some of the wackiest things we’ve overheard so far.

(Image: Vibhu Gairola)

Okay bee-bees! I’m at Fashion Week now!

-Fashion blogger Jodi Black recording herself on Snapchat while walking into David Pecaut Square.

Honestly, photographers are shooting, like…a lot of photos. Like, even four or five.

-In the line for the Narces show.

(Image: Vibhu Gairola)

I mean, royal blue might be too much for high socks. I’m trying to be trendy here.

-In the line for the Narces show.

This mess is unbelievable.

-Security guards watching the crowds at the front of house before Chistopher Paunil’s freshman show.

(Image: Vibhu Gairola)

I don’t know who that is, but I need a photo. I’m taking it.

-Friends ogling a model wearing Christopher Paunil backstage.

There are so many shows, you know? Sometimes you just have to respond with a default answer.

-Friends discussing their lack of opinions outside the tents before the Malorie Urbanovitch show.

Oh my god, look at her, actually, like, supporting causes on Earth!

-A woman pointing at her girlfriend’s Canadian Cancer Society daffodil pin backstage.

(Image: Vibhu Gairola)

Do you want us to be involved with the audience, or like…just don’t look at anybody?

-A model for Bustle questioning her handler backstage.

Girl in an off-white fur vest: Snapchat me where you’re going after. We may go to a bar.

Girl in a cobalt blue cocktail dress: OK I’ll text—

Girl in a fur vest: No, Snap me. SNAP ME. If you Snap me, I’m sure to get it!

-Girlfriends barely able to discuss plans in the first few rows at the Bustle show.

I really hope you handpicked whatever’s on you, because it looks so bad.

-Girlfriends gossiping about an unlucky third party in the line for the Søsken Studios x Marisa Minicucci show.

(Image: Vibhu Gairola)

Are they seriously handing out grocery coupons at Fashion Week? Really?

-Friends ditching the mini-mag being handed out at the tents, which came with a $10-off coupon from Metro.

Where’s the free food at?

-Attendee asking a security guard the important questions within minutes of entering the tent.

Girl in tan cashmere: She has all these beauty hacks. I can’t even begin to imagine—

Girl in black leather: Yeah, she’s a hack.

-Conversation competing against the loud music in the line for the Hilary Macmillan show.

Security guard: Ma’am, if you have tickets you can come this way…

Girl in a nude blazer: Oh! This is a line?!

-After spending a full five minutes tousling her hair while standing in the crowd near the front-of-house desks.

Did you see me cussing that blonde girl out?!

-In the line for the Mackage show.

(Image: Vibhu Gairola)

Seriously, like, if you want to talk with your friend so bad, like, sit in the show with them, god.

-Around the WRKDEPT presentation.

I’m not getting my picture taken for free lip gloss.

-Woman rolling her eyes at the Maybelline counter in the tents.

I want to show you a picture, though I look bad. I don’t know, should I stay bad?

-Friends chatting in the line for the Farley Chatto show.