Jeanne Beker can’t afford to shop at the Bay’s luxury department

Jeanne Beker can’t afford to shop at the Bay’s luxury department

Jeanne Beker is almost the Canadian answer to Anna Wintour: she’s one of the most recognizable faces in our fashion industry, is on a first-name basis with designers and has thick bangs, but, unlike Wintour, Beker is friendly and open. Case in point, the grand dame of Fashion Television gave a lengthy interview to Kelly Anderson of, in which she divulged three (somewhat) juicy details about her shopping habits.

1. She can’t afford luxury clothes
The Room at the Bay has become a great point for inspiration but I can’t really afford to pay those kinds of high-end designer prices.

2. She doesn’t shop
I don’t shop at stores that much. I’m very lucky that I get access to showrooms and I’m so busy that I rarely get a chance to shop.

3. She wears a lot of Canadian designers
I wear a lot of Lida Baday, Joeffer Caoc and Rita Tesolin (she makes jewellery). I wear Andy Thé-Anh; he’s based out of Montreal but he does have a shop in Toronto now. I wear Teenflo, which is a Canadian label out of Montreal, and they have a couple of shops in Toronto. I bought some fabulous pieces at Corbo, a boutique in Yorkville. Mikhael Kale designed a fabulous gown that I wore to the Vienna Life Ball back in May. I wear Wayne Clark. David Dixon and Greta Constantine are two of my favourite edgy designers; I wear a lot of their stuff. I love Pink Tartan; Kimberley [Newport-Mimran] is fabulous.

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