Inside the swanky new Guerlain spa at Hotel X, with expansive lake views, remote-control massage chairs and $1,700 skin creams

Inside the swanky new Guerlain spa at Hotel X, with expansive lake views, remote-control massage chairs and $1,700 skin creams

The French beauty house Guerlain has been making perfumes since the mid-1800s, when founder Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain created a scent for Empress Eugenie to celebrate her marriage to Napoleon III. Their now-iconic bottle, covered in 69 gilded bees to represent the number of battles won by the emperor, can still be spotted in well-to-do bathrooms around the globe. These days, the brand also sells sumptuous lipsticks, extravagant skincare (its high-end line Orchidée Impériale makes a $1,700 cream) and many olfactory delights. They also have 43 spas around the world, and the first in Canada just opened inside of Hotel X earlier this month. Here’s a peek inside.

The reception has a floating marble desk, gold ceiling and herringbone stone pillars. Strategically placed LED lights give the space a warm glow. Upon arrival, guests immediately receive a hot towel spritzed in Guerlain’s signature scent:


The perfume lines are displayed at the entrance. All are made in France from raw and natural ingredients. Scents range from light and citrusy linen spritzes to more potent colognes meant to evoke gasoline or tobacco:


Here’s their original bottle, bees and all. The company partners with UNESCO to help preserve bee populations:


The lounge has lake views:


The lounge also sells the brand’s skincare and makeup lines, including pretty mirrored lipstick cases. Orchidée Impériale, the most expensive line, has its own research centre devoted to exploring the orchid’s beautifying potential. Most creams in the line will run you about $500:


There are 10 treatment rooms:


Many of them come with lake views, and can accommodate couples’ treatments.  The 80 massage, a signature treatment, works on 80 muscles in the body and face, using 80 techniques applied to 80 pressure points:


At the beginning of each treatment, guests sit back and inhale four massage elixirs infused into tiny bells. They then choose which “scent journey” they’d like to take:


They can also choose what kind of music they want to listen to (punk rock is not an option):


Other treatment rooms have showers for post-wrap rinses:


The waiting area has remote-controlled massage chairs:


And teas and baked goods:


Here’s the changing area, which has a steam room:

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