Greta Constantine duo heads to New York

Greta Constantine duo heads to New York

Last season's GC show was scheduled before fashion week (Photo by Jenna Marie Wakani)

Stephen Wong and Kirk Pickersgill, the sassy Toronto design duo behind Greta Constantine, are blogging for the National Post about their New York fashion week misadventures. In their first entry, they’re making the long drive to New York, with one stop in a town named Oneida for some Burger King, after a customs experience they liken to the movie Clueless: “Friendly, quick and painless.”

The pair, in New York to showcase 33 pieces from their fall-winter 2010 womenswear collection, promise future posts will dish about fittings and model decisions, and offer a sneak peek of their show, which they say is one of their strongest to date.

Wong and Pickersgill aren’t as fond of fashion week north of the border, having famously skipped Toronto’s last year, citing as the reason a feeling that their creativity was being hampered by rules about stylists, venues and models imposed by fashion week organizer the Fashion Design Council of Canada. This year, the two plan to do the same, opting to show their collection prior to Toronto fashion week.

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