Goat yoga, boozy yoga and a few other wacky ways to get your zen on this summer

Goat yoga, boozy yoga and a few other wacky ways to get your zen on this summer

This summer, unconventional yoga classes are happening everywhere—except in the studio. Here, five of the most unusual places to downward dog

Photograph from Facebook
…With goats

If practicing downward dog with your own pet wasn’t strange enough, a yoga studio in Niagara-on-the-Lake is offering classes with some smelly—albeit pretty cute—animals. The sessions are held in a barn, and participants are led through typical asanas amidst a bunch of roaming pygmy goats. Apparently, it does wonders for positive vibes, since the animals are super-social and will nuzzle your face or even climb on top of you during certain poses as if you were a cliffside rock (thankfully, they’re small, so there’s no risk of injury). The classes have been so popular that they’re bringing their herd to Burlington and Mississauga this summer. $35. Fox Den Yoga.


…Under Niagara Falls

Namaste Niagara’s beginner yoga classes, which take place on an observation deck directly under the falls, are a must-try for any Maid of the Mist–loving yogis. The 45-minute class offers incredible views of the thundering falls and guarantees some refreshing mist showers (or firehose-like blasts, depending on the wind) during your sun salutations. There are four sessions throughout the summer, and tickets also include a boat tour behind the falls and breakfast at Queenston Heights on the Niagara Escarpment. Tickets will be announced on Niagara Parks’ social media before each event. $50. July 9, July 23, August 13. Niagara Parks.


…With tropical fish

Before Ripley’s Aquarium officially opens for the day (a.k.a. when all the screaming children are still having breakfast), it’s a seriously peaceful place. The yoga classes are held next to either the beautiful Rainbow Reef exhibit or “Ray Bay,” a tank filled with dozens of gliding stingrays (luckily, nowhere near the “Dangerous Lagoon,” or the vibe might not be as serene). This summer’s classes are already sold out, but you can work on your mermaid-inspired moves for next season. Ripley’s Aquarium.


…In a pub

Detox to Retox is a Toronto-based company that eschews the typical post-yoga fuel of green juices and kombucha in favour of several pints of craft beer. They bring in “tipsy teachers” to run hour-long yoga classes in a local brewery, and finish up with an hour-long tasting, during which you can discuss the quality of your heart openers that day with newfound drinking buddies. They’ve previously held classes at Henderson, Rainhard, Left Field and the Junction Craft Brewing Company. Keep an eye out on social media for their next event. Detox To Retox.


Photograph by Jason Chapman
…With imaginary weapons

As part of the Fringe Fest, playwright Christine Desrochers will be running interactive Dungeons and Dragons yoga classes that fuse poses with the imaginary gaming world. Together, participants will travel back to the Middle Ages and go on an epic quest—using all manner of warrior poses, naturally—to kill a terrifying beast. If you succeed? There will be a “handsome reward”—although we can only assume that this will also be imaginary. To July 16. $12. Fringe Festival.