Where to get Justin Trudeau’s pastel-hued, Pride parade–friendly linen shirts (or ones just like them)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has had a summer of topless adventures, from exploring the caves of Quebec to photobombing a B.C. wedding. It would have come as no surprise if he’d chosen to attend the country’s Pride parades sans shirt (it’s not like he’d be the only one), but the PM flaunted the same summer style at three Canadian Pride events: laid-back, button-down shirts in a rainbow of pastel hues, paired with white slacks and runners. It’s a joyful yet sophisticated look that clearly says “off duty.”

A source close to Trudeau’s wardrobe revealed that one of the tops is from John Varvatos and the PM bought the other two at Old Navy (surprised?), though they didn’t disclose which ones were which. So we’ve tracked down some pretty close facsimiles of Trudeau’s pastel tops for you to scoop up for yourself.


At Toronto’s annual parade in early July, the PM waved a rainbow flag down Yonge Street in a soft pink shirt rolled up at the elbows:

Trudeau, who marched alongside Mayor John Tory and Premier Kathleen Wynne, got soaked by water guns during the revelry:

He paired the pastel top with white pants, effectively debuting the uniform that he’d repeat at Pride events across the country:

Both Old Navy and John Varvatos currently offer similar styles to Trudeau’s Toronto Pride top—though close observers will notice a difference in the pocket seams on the Varvatos top, a missing pocket on the first Old Navy one and a slightly different hue on the second. Close enough!


JT shirt 3

Old Navy slim-fit linen-blend shirt in Berry Sorbet. $17.


JT shirt 1

Old Navy slim-fit chambray shirt in red. $25.50.


JT shirt 2

John Varvatos cotton military shirt in Peony. $74.


At this Pride parade, Trudeau sported a blue-green button-down:

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau complemented the PM’s top in an aqua jumpsuit:

Two-year-old Hadrien, not in the mood to party, was pushed through the parade in his stroller:

Going on colour alone, a classic Oxford is the closest you’ll find to Trudeau’s top at Old Navy, while John Varvatos’s cotton shirt has the advantage of a single, discreet breast pocket (plus sleeve tabs for easy rolling).

JT shirt4

Old Navy slim-fit Oxford stretch shirt for men in Blue Monaco. $27.50.



JT shirt 5

John Varvatos cotton rolled sleeve shirt in Lagoon. $248.


Trudeau debuted a light, minty, almost teal style at Montreal’s parade in August.

The PM’s top was similar to the one he wore in Toronto, with two breast pockets, white buttons and a decidedly cavalier approach to buttoning up:

And, once again, white pants:


There’s little chance this top is from Varvatos, whose colour palette tends to be a bit more austere. This Old Navy shirt, however, is basically right on the money.

JT shirt 7

Old Navy slim fit Shirt in Tealepathy. $27.50.


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