Fashion week poll: vote on your favourite look

Fashion week poll: vote on your favourite look

The Joe Fresh show packs in the largest crowd during fashion week, but can its grocery store–bound clothes stand up to Chloé Comme Parris and Marthe Aimé in today’s poll? You decide.

Looks from Chloé Comme Parris, Marthe Aimé and two from Joe Fresh Style

Chloé Comme Parris: A vest with five buckles—you’d think it wouldn’t work, but you’d be wrong.
Marthe Aimé: We like purple, and we like gold. A puffed sleeve never hurt anyone, either. But this combination of the three has us scratching our head with confusion. Did someone rip off her other sleeve?
Joe Fresh 1: There was almost undisputed support for the sequined pants in yesterday’s poll. So we thought we’d put Joe’s sparkly schoolgirl pinafore up for the vote. We prefer it to the former.
Joe Fresh 2: Large bows on the chest isn’t a look we’d recommend for anyone over the age of 10, but we like this floor-length flowing white skirt worn with oxfords.

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(Images: Chloé Comme Parris and Joe Fresh by Jenna Marie Wakani, Marthe Aime by George Pimentel/WireImage/Getty Images.)