The coolest stuff on display at the 2017 Interior Design Show

The coolest stuff on display at the 2017 Interior Design Show

The Interior Design Show is taking over the Metro Convention Centre this weekend, attracting a who’s who of the international design scene and letting local DIY decorators load up on creative inspiration. This year, the goods on display favoured playful practicality over aesthetic extravagance. Here, some stuff you won’t want to miss:

Caesarstone collaborated with Spanish designer Jaime Hayon on its Stone Age Folk installation, and used heavy quartz in colourblocked shades to create theatre-inspired pieces that look like cartoon faces. This armoire is opened by the ears:


With this one, it’s the nose:


Italian interior designer Nika Zupanc’s award-winning furniture collection, which is sold in Toronto at South Hill Home, was designed with Olympic rings in mind:


Boutique landscape architecture firm Land Art Design wanted to create a display that explored the power of destruction in creating positive change. The tripods were built using pre-charred wood for preservation, and the copper moon was chosen for how the material ages beautifully over time. The wood shavings above are meant to represent clouds:


Miele’s booth was filled with new products (a bagless vacuum cleaner and an efficient heat-pump drier, for example), but any wrinkle-averse Torontonians will swoon over this high-tech ironing board, which is made with memory foam and easily smoothes luxe materials like silks and cashmere:


These Hollis and Morris “Bolt” lights are a must-have fixture for any trendy space:


Developed by local architect and designer Jacob Antoni, this chandelier expands into various square, circular and rectangular shapes:


To launch their sculptural new collaboration with LightForm, called Gweilo, architecture firm Partisans will be demonstrating how they use heat to manipulate the plastic lighting scultpures:


A soak in this recycled copper tub by Native Trails, which is crafted and hammered by artisans in Mexico, would be super-luxurious. (It can be yours for just shy of ten grand):


EQ3’s booth shows off a selection of Herman Miller’s bubble pendant lights, which give off a pretty Chinese lantern vibe:


The company’s entire booth is made from flat-packed, reusable wood and accented with vintage accessories:


Oakville designer and stylist Janette Ewen’s Art Deco–inspired “Roaring Twenties” collection for Mobilla includes this mobile-inspired light fixture ($1,000), which was handmade in Montreal:


Toronto furniture maker Kroft debuted a new collection called “Stir,” which owner Dustin Kroft says reminds him a bit of Popsicle sticks:


Texas designer Peter Glassford’s textural collage tiles can be mixed and matched for a quirky accent wall:


Djuna Day Studio crafts modern-looking totems out of a single timber of red cedar or Douglas fir: