Five of Toronto’s most exclusive private medical clinics

Five of Toronto's most exclusive private medical clinics

Private health care, once taboo, has become a status symbol for those who can afford it. From anti-aging to Alzheimer’s, here are five of the city’s most sought-after clinics

Five of Toronto's most exclusive private medical clinics

Rosedale Wellness Centre, 120 Bloor St. E., 1-877-933-3734

SPECIALTY: Founded in 2006, DeerFields caters to boomers who are terrified of both aging and Botox, as well as past-their-prime athletes who want to keep their performance edge. The team’s anti-aging treatment focuses on telomeres, the parts of our ­chromosomes that shorten as we age, and which many scientists believe operate as tiny molecular clocks. Super-short telomeres are linked to chronic illnesses, including heart disease, ­Alzheimer’s and arthritis.

COST: $3,995 for a comprehensive exam and follow-ups. ­Medications and supplements are extra.

PERKS: Access to DeerFields’ Caledon-area treatment centre, guest inn and equestrian centre.


150 York St., 416-350-5900

SPECIALTY: Medcan is the behemoth of private clinics, with 60 doctors and specialists on staff who conduct five-hour-long assessments designed to catch lurking illnesses. This is health care for Type-As who expect same-day and Saturday appointments, and 24/7 phone care with Medcan nurses. Members receive discounts on fitness training, cosmetic dermatology and weight management.

COST: From $2,595 for a health assessment.

PERKS: The clinic includes an 8,000-square-foot gym (designed to attract elite athletes and corporate executives who want to look like athletes), valet parking, and complimentary gourmet coffee and snacks. As one client put it: “I don’t feel like I’m in a civil servant’s office. It’s like a nice hotel.”


1867 Yonge St., 416-642-9160

SPECIALTY: Healthcare 365’s mantra is preventative care. But unlike other private clinics, they won’t test for conditions for which patients have no symptoms, calling the practice “bad medicine.” Doctors are available round-the-clock, including weekends and holidays, and patients have electronic access to their medical records.

COST: $3,300 a year.

PERKS: Skype appointments and 24/7 service. One client, a 55-year-old Toronto lawyer, sent his HealthCare 365 doctor a photo of his grossly swollen and dis­coloured finger over the Victoria Day weekend, and she was able to diagnose it as a nasty spider bite, coach him through the proper first aid care and help him avoid a lengthy emergency room visit.


181 Bay St., 416-507-6600

SPECIALTY: Barack Obama once referred to the U.S.-based Cleveland as providing “some of the best health care in the world” and said the American health care system should run more like the clinic. The Toronto location trades on its counterpart’s reputation and expertise. OHIP-based ­services—available to non-members—include ­cardiology, dermatology, gastroenterology and sports medicine. The top-tier program features a six-hour overall health assessment and diagnostic tests.

COST: Executive health plan from $3,150.

PERKS: The clinic has floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall windows with a view of Lake Ontario, and complimentary breakfast and lunch are served in a waiting room that also overlooks the lake.


333 Bay St. and 95 St. Clair Ave. W., ­416-926-2698

SPECIALTY: Corporate execs with heavy travel schedules are big fans of Medisys, a Quebec-based company founded in 1987 that runs private medical clinics across the country. They provide executive health packages that include preventative health assessments, genetic testing, customized travel care and even office ergonomics consultations to some 4,000 companies that use it as a perk to attract top talent.

COST: From $1,500 for a health assessment and a year of ongoing care.

PERKS: The 24,000-square-foot Bay Street location has a wood-panelled locker room and showers for executives who want to return to work fresh after a marathon series of tests.


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