Battle of the best-dressed divas

Battle of the best-dressed divas

Right before the long weekend, the Star released its Best Dressed list, an annual tally of the most enviably togged Torontonians. (Or at least that’s the idea. Hey, Beckerman sisters, Rainbow Brite called…) This year’s cover girl honours went to Suzanne Rogers, the 40-something spouse of Edward Rogers and a famous fashion queen or fashion victim, depending on which side of the beehive you stand on. But we digress. On the front page of the Living section, Rogers posed in a white Marchesa gown with a fitted top and layer upon layer of tulle (or at least we think it’s tulle), creating a sort of wedding cake–worthy tier effect.

The look was most definitely dramatic, but we couldn’t shake the feeling that we’d seen it before, which is when we remembered last year’s Best Dressed winner, Stacey Kimel, who posed in a somewhat similar Sarah Jessica Parker–meets–Little Bo Peep look (hers was Giambattista Valli).

Of course, this leaves us with a few unanswered questions:

1)   Who wore it (“it” being a light-coloured, runway-tested, hand-crafted couture tutu) better?

2)   Was Suzanne’s similar look a conscious attempt to one-up her rumoured fashion rival?

3)   How many mermaids were killed in the making of these frocks?

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