Thirteen stylish inflatables for pool- and dock-side chilling

Thirteen stylish inflatables for pool- and dock-side chilling

Whether in a backyard pool, on a Muskokan lake or on terra firma, a colourful and attention-grabbing floaty makes a bold statement. Here are some of our favourites for the season.

For animal lovers

The Fox, $60

Barrie’s Float-Eh builds this cartoonishly cute doughnut with an advanced valve system for a quicker inflation.

For synchronized floaters

Stinson Big Double Float, $102

This California-inspired, hand-printed inflatable is made with recyclable PVC.


For kitschy crowds

Pizza Slice Pool Float, $50 each

Each six-foot vinyl float comes with a loop attachment—order eight for a full pie.


For merrymakers

Disco Dome and Ball, $269

This distinctive, mesh-covered hemisphere seats up to four and comes with fancy features like a foot bath.

For good-vibe seekers

Luxe Lie-On Float, $103

Sunnylife’s PVC float will draw stares for its eye-popping, surrealist quality and comes with a rip-fix kit, just in case.


For consummate gadabouts

Clear Pink Mesh Lounger, $57

Funboy’s floating sun bed, with a headrest and beverage holder, is ideal for those who can’t stay away from the water for very long.


For fashionable loungers

Leopard Heart Float, $130

Floatie Kings, a Miami-based inflatables company, collaborated with luxury label Saint Laurent on a line of trendy lifebuoys, available in classic YSL prints.

For couch potatoes

Inflatable Lilo Chair, $94

The bottom of Sunnylife’s translucent floater folds out into a chaise lounge.

For adventurous tots

Stingray, $120

Blue Wave’s adorable floaty for kids is made with a comfy mesh material and filled with buoyant pellets.

For arty types

Balloon Animal, $60

This five-foot-long inflatable is inspired by Jeff Koons and recommended for ages eight and up.

For magical realists

Narwhal, $10

The lightweight, 32-inch doughnut features a single air chamber for easy inflating.


For easy riders

Jumbo Whale, $30

Inflatable’s large, ride-on pool float is made with durable vinyl and comes with grab handles.

For sweet hearts

Glitter Bomb Confetti Pink Heart, $50

This vinyl inflatable by is glitter-filled for maximal glam.