The best holiday gifts for cool kids

The best holiday gifts for cool kids

Including tiny loungewear, the next generation of Barbie merch and a ride-on vintage Mercedes

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The cover of D is for Dreidel, a kids primer on Hanukkah. It features two kids playing with dreidels in front of a fireplace.

Hanukkah alphabet book

We love this primer on the festival of lights, featuring retro-cool illustrations of latkes, menorahs and, of course, dreidels. The Hanukkah-bedecked mid-century interiors they’re featured in are pretty neat too. $15 Shop Now

A dusty green puffy vest, in a kids size, by Joe FreshA vest that does best

The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society teamed up with Joe Fresh to create a capsule collection inspired by our country’s great outdoors. (And if there’s one thing we have a lot of, it’s outdoors.) A portion of the proceeds from each purchase will be donated to the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. $29 Shop Now

Two actors in dog costumes, one brown and one blue, from the live-action touring cast of BlueyBluey’s Big Play

The favourite TV show of anyone who has kids (or was once a kid) is coming to a stage near you, featuring new music by the show’s composer, Jeff Bush. In their first-ever live outing, siblings Bluey and Bingo try to cajole their dad into joining in on their delightful, imaginative fun. From $27 Shop Now

A black, kid-sized t-shirt that reads "Super Me" with an image of a young, Black girl dressed in a super hero costumeSuper Me kids T-shirt

Kim West launched Kids Swag to put Black kids front, centre, and all over items like notebooks, backpacks, activity books and this adorable T-shirt. $35 Shop Now

A cardboard box that contains a toy set, based on the long-running manga series Naruto Naruto Playmobil

Awaken the energy spirit with this Playmobil set based on the long-running manga series about the epic sibling rivalry between ninja Sasuke and his, let’s say, complicated brother, Itachi. The Itachi figure comes with a changeable face, so you can re-enact the scene where one ninja brother steals the other’s eye. $38 Shop Now

An image of four walkie-talkies, in red, orange, blue and yellowWalkie-talkies

Keep track of your crew—whether they’re roving around a music festival, exploring a campsite or making a first solo trip to the convenience store—with these rechargeable walkie-talkies. They have a range of almost five kilometres in open areas. Do you copy? $40 Shop Now

A barbie in a gingham pink dress-based on Margot Robbie-is in two images. One, inside her box, and one, outside her box.Stereotypical Barbie

Thanks to Greta Gerwig’s $1-billion-plus-grossing cinematic juggernaut, it’s never been more socially acceptable to give a kid the iconic doll. Hi, Barbie. $40 Shop Now

A small, doll-sized greenhouse that features tiny plants, flowers and other accessoriesDIY dollhouse

For gardeners looking to downsize, consider Rolife’s DIY model greenhouse, which comes with 231 intricate accessories—tiny plants, flowers, brooms, boxes, planters and more, all perfectly rendered on a 1:18 scale. $53 Shop Now

A child-size robe with red and white stripes and a hoodKids’ robe

The team behind Pokoloko is passionate about sourcing beautifully handcrafted goods from artisans around the world, like this crinkle robe for toddlers, which is made from the softest Turkish cotton muslin. $79 Shop Now

Super Mario Bros.™ Wonder for Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Bros. Wonder for Nintendo Switch

Find wonder in this latest evolution of Mario fun that’s perfect for lifelong Nintendo lovers and new players of all ages. Classic gameplay is turned on its head with the addition of Wonder Flowers, which trigger spectacular moments you have to see to believe, and unexpected Wonder Effects, like pipes that come alive and giant spiky balls that aim to wreak havoc. Choose from familiar Super Mario™ heroes—Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi and Toad—and take advantage of a new Power-Up, which transforms characters into Elephant Mario to trounce enemies with your trunk. $79.99 Shop Now


Little Kitchen Academy cooking classes

Creative kids cooking classes

Give young family members independence and confidence at Little Kitchen Academy. Watch little ones transform into kitchen prodigies as they chop, mix and sauté their way through Montessori-inspired cooking classes. Ideal for kids ages three to 18, sign up for a session or pick up a gift card to inspire the next top chef in your household. $85 to $115 Shop Now

An assortment of items that are part of Cucina's kid cooking subscription, including recipes and kitchen accessories Cooking subscription box

Cucina Kids came from the then-11-year-old brain of Etobicoke’s Matteo Biscaro, who launched the by-kids-for-kids cooking subscription service in 2020. Every three months, pint-size recipients will receive a seasonal box of illustrated recipe cards, shopping lists, STEAM-focused activity cards, collectible patches and more. $184 Shop Now

In dark green, a a set of vinyl-covered foam cushions that can be reconfigured into a couch, a nook, a kids fort and moreFoam party

It’s a couch. It’s a fort. It comes in 18 colours. It’s Blocksy, a set of vinyl-covered foam cushions that can be used to build slides, reading nooks, veg-out zones and more. $379 Shop Now

Barbie's dreamhouse, a three-storey pink play set that features a slide and an outdoor poolBarbie Dreamhouse

With 10 play areas spread over three storeys plus outdoor space, room for four dolls to sleep, a puppy slide and pool, and more than 75 accessories, this Mattel Dreamhouse is probably the most affordable housing option on the market. (Mojo Dojo Casa House transformation kit not included.) $250 Shop Now

An old-school silver Mercedes that's miniature and ridable for kidsRide-on Mercedes

French company Baghera makes metal pedal cars and vintage ride-ons for kids ages two to four, like this fully licensed mini replica of the Mercedes W25, also known as the Silver Arrow. For the kid who has—or thinks they deserve—everything. $570 Shop Now