Ten plant pots, hangers and other paraphernalia to spruce up your green space

Ten plant pots, hangers and other paraphernalia to spruce up your green space

If you’re a new pandemic plant parent looking to expand your indoor garden, here are 10 accessories from local shops that’ll help you inject some personality into your green space and care for your flora.

A self-watering pot

Dynasty Plant Shop aluminium planter with birch stand, $285

This eight-inch aluminum pot has a reservoir base that evaporates moisture back into the soil. (The eye-catching birch stand is merely decorative.)


A handwoven basket

Foli pothos in hanging woven basket, $100

This beautiful hanging basket is handwoven and hand-dyed by female artisans in Rwanda. Plus, each basket comes with a trailing pothos included.


A decorative mister

Stamen and Pistil mister, $12

A gentle spritz helps plants photosynthesize during those precious daylight hours. This glass mister is available via Stamen and Pistil Botanical’s Instagram page. DM or call to order.


A DIY terrarium

The Plant Collective DIY terrarium kit, $75

Included in this futuristic set are one air plant, soil, moss and your choice of sand or coloured rocks. The geometric terrarium base is available in gold and rose gold trim.


Plant jewellery

Plant Baby beaded hanging planter, $65

This boho hanger—made with wood and copper beads—will fit a four- to six-inch pot and add a cool retro vibe to your space.


A gardening mat

Jomo gardening mat, $20

You should be repotting your plants every year or so. Keep mess to a minimum when you’re handling soil with this square neon-pink work surface that comes with matching tools.


A cool can

Wilbe Bloomin watering can, $40

This space-age stainless steel watering can is available in two sizes and features a gooseneck spout.


A plant perambulator

Pots and Plants trolley, $30

This wheeled wooden transporter makes it easier for you (and your lower back) to lug your heaviest pots to better light or to the shower for a quick weekend watering.


A wooden shelf

Springer Garden shelf plant stand, $105

Just under a metre tall, this display makes ample use of your vertical space to show off all your plant babies.


A cute car planter

Julia Richard ceramic planter, $30

These stylish ceramics are handmade by Montreal artist Julia Richard and can be found on the Urban Gardener’s Instagram page. DM to order.