Holiday Gift Guide 2011: 32 great gifts under $30

Holiday Gift Guide 2011: 32 great gifts under $30

Holiday Gift Guide 2011

By Fraser Abe, Karolyne Ellacott, Kevin Naulls and Mark Teo | Photography by Carlo Mendoza

Little treats are perfect for host and hostess gifts and stocking stuffers, so we’ve picked some presents under $30 to help with the stress of sticking to a holiday budget (and, really, there are always obligatory presents to buy for people we know nothing about). We have everything from a space-age travel toothbrush for that friend you used to have eight years ago who just came home from teaching in Korea (and is likely to depart again) to a baguette carrier for when someone chooses bread as their item for a potluck (it doubles as a wine carrier, if that’s more their style) to various smile-building knick-knacks. Check out our gifts under $30 »

Credo wine and baguette bag, $9
Owl timer, $21
Bumpercrop Goods jarred preserves, $10–$12
Stackable milk-bottle measuring cups, $28
Streetcar onesie, $20
Butcher’s apron, $25
Blomus wine foil cutter, $14
Golden playing cards, $22
Juice glasses, $30
Ninjabread men, $12
Printed tea towels, $25 each
Suburbs Blocks puzzle, $28
Collared vases, $28–$38
Hansa plush squirrel and lamb, $37 and $30
Polaris Prize posters, $20 each
Organic hand soaps, $8
Toy owls, $29
Holiday Gift Guide 2011
City Blocks puzzle, $28
Head scratcher, $6
Crumpled maps, $20
Out of Sight book, $22
OHSO travel toothbrush, $20
Cupcake hair clip, $10
Wild hibiscus flower in syrup (for booze), $10
Coloured turtle lights, $3.75
Toronto politician puppets, $18
Vertibot windup toy, $12
Cat and beard egg cups, $20 each
Jacks, $7
Stackable bangles, $15–$22
Stainless steel drinking straw, $3.50
Wrench bottle opener, $28


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