11 skateboards and longboards to ride this summer

11 skateboards and longboards to ride this summer

As skateboarding prepares to make its Olympic debut this summer, there’s no better time to get acquainted with flip tricks and ollies. Here are 11 great skateboards to check out.


For the longboard newbie

Arbor Oso Foundation, $235

This 30-inch, pool-shaped cruiser, made with sustainably sourced wood, has a wide platform and ample stability for first-timers.


For green boarders

Evolve Skateboards bamboo GTR all terrain, $1900

Longboarders looking to cruise all day will appreciate this all-terrain electric model, which includes dual 1,500-watt custom-made motors that last for 30 kilometres and have enough power to tackle steep hills.


For cruising to your next park hang

Penny sage, $140

Penny’s classic 22-inch cruiser board features a waffle-patterned non-slip deck, big soft wheels for a smooth riding experience and a small frame that’s perfect for tossing in a backpack or tote.


For skateboarding novices

Fucking Awesome deck Lopez felt class photo, $95

Skater Louie Lopez’s pro deck, made for iconic skater Jason Dill’s brand Fucking Awesome, features Lopez’s youthful face. It’s constructed from seven-ply hardrock maple, and its 8.25-inch width is an ideal size for adult beginners learning how ride.


For the smaller set

Chocolate tershy chunk medium, $140

This pre-assembled Chocolate board comes set up with the trucks and wheels. At 7.65 inches, it’s a good option for teens new to street skateboarding.


A no-nonsense skateboard

Blue Tile Lounge Deck B border, $65

Dundas West’s Blue Tile Lounge carries its own shop boards, including this one composed of seven-ply hardrock maple in a variety of sizes and colours including magenta, forest green and yellow.


For longboard dancing

Longboard Living x Bang Boards dancer complete, $290

Longboard dancing requires practice, grace and the right board. This setup comes with a long, flexible 46-inch deck to facilitate dapper dance moves.


For practising street tricks

Frog Skateboards this is frog deck, $100

This eight-inch-wide deck by U.S.-based Frog Skateboards features one of the brand’s original graphics to fete its five-year anniversary.


For collectors

Krooked Flowers, $70

Krooked’s decks, like this one from the brand’s spring 2021 drop, are pieces of art, showcasing the glorious drawings of founder and skater Mark Gonzales a.k.a. the Gonz.


For serious cruising

Landyachtz ATV Slim Jim complete high kick, $205

This street-skating setup by Landyachtz, ideal for skate parks, comes complete with a 31.5-inch deck, trucks, bearings and wheels.


A celeb-approved fave

Palace Palazzo red, $95

This classic popsicle-shaped deck from London-based skateboard brand Palace—beloved by celebs and pro skaters alike—features a cheeky graphic.