Some photos from yesterday’s solar eclipse in Toronto

Some photos from yesterday’s solar eclipse in Toronto

Yesterday was Toronto’s first solar eclipse of the Instagram era, so naturally lots of people spent the afternoon pointing their smartphones heavenward, trying to catch snaps of the moon photobombing the sun. Here are some of the best pics we found:

Nathan Phillips Square’s sunbaked concrete expanse turned out to be a perfect eclipse-viewing platform:

TD Centre was another popular downtown gathering spot:

This is a cool thing to do with a pinhole eclipse viewer:

The effect of the eclipse was powerful enough that it was visible in the shadows of trees:

Some people got a little artistic with it:

It’s surprising how well smartphone cameras fared with the task of photographing a celestial body:

Solar Eclipse #citygarden #solareclipse #eclipse #eclipse2017 #excited#toronto #eclipsetoronto

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This man is now blind, probably:

We made our own eclipse contraption. @brianrichardrenton #dork #torontoeclipse #wesocool #diy

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But of course you can see a solar eclipse in Toronto any time you want: