Some photos from the Toronto Islands’ first week back in business

After a season of devastating flooding and limited public access, the Toronto Islands finally fully reopened last week. Torontonians, deprived for months of their favourite summer day-trip destination, made their way back to the ferry terminal over the weekend, filling Instagram with images of long-deferred Lake Ontario revelry. Here are some of those shots:

The Islands’ beaches, whose sand was depleted by the floods, seem as though they had a little trouble accommodating the crowds:

Dogs once again have a place to roam free. This one is learning to swim:

There is such a thing as too many dogs, though:

The ferry terminal ordered up some new signage for the occasion:

The Centre Island ferry hasn’t seen this much action since last year:

The Islands’ quadricycle rental service was almost wiped out by a city contract snafu earlier this year, but now they, like everything else on the Islands, are back at it:

Centreville had to sell off this rare wooden carousel for $3 million in order to defray some of the owners’ losses from this dismal season. The ride will be moving to Carmel, Indiana later this year:


At the peak of the flooding, sandbags were all that prevented Lake Ontario from swallowing the Islands completely. Not all of them have been removed:

But you know who’s happiest that the Islands are up and running again? The seagulls:


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