What do people want to see built on the Ontario Place lands?

What do people want to see built on the Ontario Place lands?
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When Ontario Place closed down in 2012, it was clear that the land underneath the former amusement park was ripe for redevelopment. But what do we do with all that lakefront property? The Ontario government, Ontario Place’s owner, has spent the past six years mulling that question, with very little to show for it.

But now Doug Ford is premier, and suddenly there’s a sense of urgency around coming up with a redevelopment plan for the site. In November, Queen’s Park moved to dissolve the public board that oversees Ontario Place. Now there are plans to solicit redevelopment proposals. Ford’s presence at the forefront of the redevelopment push has led to a certain amount of paranoia: will he build a casino, like he wanted the city to do when he was a councillor? Or would he support a gigantic ferris wheel, like the one he wanted to build in the Port Lands?

Whatever Ford is thinking, people aren’t waiting to make their own suggestions. Here are some of the ideas being floated for Ontario’s Place’s next life.

Martin Regg Cohn, a columnist at the Star, suggested moving the Ontario Science Centre to Ontario Place:

We’re guessing this would be even less popular than a casino:

Does Toronto need another beach? This guy thinks so:

This person is probably being sarcastic, but people love outlet malls—and we know Doug Ford’s wife loves to shop:

But the most popular idea for Ontario Place, seemingly, is just remaking what was already there:

A lot of people were apparently pretty happy with the pre-shutdown status quo:


It’s hard to imagine a Doug Ford government taking such a zen approach to redevelopment, but time will tell:


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