The Want List: super stylish, highly functional picnic paraphernalia for your weekend excursions

The Want List: super stylish, highly functional picnic paraphernalia for your weekend excursions

Photograph by Daniel Neuhaus

For Toronto’s backyard-less population, parks are pretty much the only legitimate places to gather with family and friends this summer (at a distance, of course). To be fully kitted out for holiday weekend picnicking, we rounded up a few products that are guaranteed to make your crew the envy of all fellow park-goers.

Pillows: For those who want to luxuriate in their al fresco lounging experience, pillows from the Wanderly, which are naturally dyed with avocado, will add some much-needed lumbar support. $65.


Camping chair: Of course, not everyone is comfortable sitting crossed legged on the grass for hours on end. This chair from McKinley is less hideous than most, with neon stitching and brass legs, and folds up into a compact, portable little bundle. $63.


Pouffe: If you prefer just a bit of height between yourself and the ground, this inflatable pouffe from Urban Barn can be blown up on the spot, and gives off a minimalist Moroccan vibe. $25.


Picnic blanket: Society 6 makes this retro, water-resistant blanket, which has a UV coating so the design won’t fade. It’s also sure to make your local takeout feast pop on Instagram. $79 (U.S.).


Portable table: A proper table overflowing with sweet and savoury delights is what truly sets experienced picnickers apart. This one from Filson weighs only two pounds, but holds up to 100 pounds of goodies. It’s got a rigid, easy-to-clean polyester surface, and also folds up neatly into a compact carrying case. $165.


Lantern: When evening descends, you can pack it up, or you can be prepared. This pocket-sized LED lantern runs on triple A batteries, and has a dimmer switch to properly set the mood. $25.


Canvas blanket: This tropical, cotton-canvas picnic blanket from the Bay would complement any tiki-themed extravaganza, and it’s a breeze to carry when it’s rolled up into its portable case. $60.


Mini cooler: Fjällräven’s mini cooler bag is made of a durable waxed fabric with a foam padding designed to keep hot contents warm and cold ones cool. The inside is easy to clean, and it’s compact enough that it fits neatly inside one of their backpacks. $60.


Camping cooler: For army-sized families (or heavy drinkers) who couldn’t possibly pack their daily dose into a mini cooler, this cooler on wheels is a great option. It holds 60 cans and 20 pounds of ice, and it keeps ice frozen for up to 10 days. $398 (U.S.).


Metal straws: Parks Canada’s online store sells stainless steel straws—so you can sip your sangria with eco-friendly abandon. $16.


Tumbler: This MEC tumbler has double-walled insulation to keep your sauvignon crisp—even after a couple hours in the hot sun. $36.


Reusable bags: These stand-up silicon bags are an eco-friendly way to transport grapes, crackers or any other mid-day munchies. $30.


Flatware: For proper park meals, utensils can make all the difference. These ones are both pretty and multifunctional—leaving more space in your bag for dessert. $9.


Plates: These fun and colourful picnic plates are made from bamboo fibre by local designer Xenia Taler. $44.



Bottle sleeve: Cocktail Emporium sells a wine-chilling sleeve that’s a substantial improvement on the classic ice bucket. Simply store it in the freezer until you’re ready to use. $13.