Everything we know about Justin Bieber’s engagement to Hailey Baldwin

Everything we know about Justin Bieber’s engagement to Hailey Baldwin

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There’s going to be One Less Lonely Girl in the world following news of Canadian pop heartthrob Justin Bieber’s proposal to American model Hailey Baldwin this past weekend. The engagement sparked internet pandemonium. Did we mention people have strong feelings about the Biebs? At any rate, here’s what we know, so far, about the soon-to-be newlyweds:

Their relationship dates back to 2011

While the news may seem sudden, the happy couple have known each other since their days as baby-faced teenagers. During one of their earliest photo-ops together in 2011, Hailey and her father—actor Stephen Baldwin—joined Bieber on the red carpet for the premier of the Never Say Never concert documentary. The two were spotted side-by-side again in 2014—this time accompanied by Kendall Jenner—at Hillsong Church in New York city. Rumours surfaced about a possible budding romance, but both of them denied being more than just friends.

Over the next few years, of course, Bieber fell into a heavily publicized, drama-fuelled relationship with starlet Selena Gomez (the “Jelena” phase). More recently, speculations surfaced that Baldwin (true to her type) was dating Canadian singer Shawn Mendes. (She insists that they’re just friends, but a mysterious disappearance of any Mendes-related photos from her Instagram account stirred a bit of skepticism.)

Internet conspiracy theories aside, in 2016 the two cemented their “Jailey” status after Bieber shared an undeniably coupley photo on Instagram. Later, in an interview with GQ, he mentioned the possibility of marrying the magazine cover girl, but admitted to being in no rush to settle down.

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True to most celebrity relationships, there was a breakup, then a makeup. Just two months ago, Baldwin told The Times U.K. that the two work better as friends—and yet…

He popped the question

Bieber asked Hailey to marry him over dinner at a fancy resort in the Bahamas… and she said yes.

Bieber’s parents are excited

Justin’s mom and dad took to social media to celebrate the news:

@justinbieber Proud is an understatement! Excited for the next chapter!

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Hailey’s ring is freaking huge

As to be expected, Bieber went all-out with the bling:

Selena Gomez is apparently unfazed

While some fans assumed Gomez would be devastated by the news, this photo of her relaxing on a yacht suggests otherwise:


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Around the same time the photo was posted, Twitter celebrated the fact that Selena will never have to deal with Bieber drama again and the hashtag #SelenaIsFreeParty started trending across North America.

His fans have strong opinions (and not all of them are good)

And they feel very compelled to weigh in on all things Bieber: