What went down at the TL.talent workshop with Shopify’s Tanya Hoshi 

What went down at the TL.talent workshop with Shopify’s Tanya Hoshi 

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A growing number of businesses are going virtual to meet customer demands during the pandemic, and TL Insiders gained first-hand knowledge into the making of an online store. Tanya Hoshi, producer at Shopify and co-founder of the apparel brand Dhansak & Co., led an interactive online workshop this past Tuesday as part of the new TL.talent series. The one-hour session covered everything business owners need to know about establishing an online business and operating a store from home.

The guided workshop introduced Insiders to the fundamentals of Shopify, including a variety of online business models, personalized resources with Shopify Compass and newly introduced transaction methods, like curb-side delivery.

As one of Shopify’s many success stories, Hoshi shared with the group her experience starting a business with little to no business background. “Shopify is a unique, personal experience,” Hoshi shared. “It is an opportunity to take an idea, and take ownership over it.” The workshop highlighted the ways Shopify’s software is particularly designed to encourage users to take control of their entrepreneurialism in a way that is accessible and empowering.

One-million merchants have joined businesses like Bombas Socks, Staples.ca and Kylie Cosmetics as Shopify-powered retailers. The tools to get your own online business afloat have never been more readily available. Watch the workshop here to access the Insider exclusive and learn more about the ways Shopify can enhance your business from the comfort of your own home.

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