Meet our TL Insider members: Anne Vranic

Meet our TL Insider members: Anne Vranic

The digital creator and architecture connoisseur is looking forward to an exciting 2024

TL Insider member Anne Vranic

TL Insider is a membership club designed to connect you to the city you love. Along with access to Toronto’s most-prized restaurants, workshops and master classes, membership comes with an upgraded subscription to Toronto Life and FASHION magazines, exclusive giveaways and more. 

Anne Vranic is one of TL Insider’s newest members. When she’s not at the University Club of Toronto, where she works as the director of memberships and marketing, she can be found wandering the city, hunting down Toronto’s hidden architectural gems and sharing them with her growing community on social media. A self-proclaimed lover of art, history and hole-in-the-wall cocktail bars, Vranic sat down with Toronto Life to share more about herself and what she’s most excited about for the year ahead.

What event are you most looking forward to in 2024?

I thought it was so cool that TL Insider did a live art and cocktail party at Cry Baby Gallery. I love that space, and I love Toronto’s hidden bar culture. So that’s definitely the type of programming I’ll be taking advantage of this year. I also love the Fireside Chat series. I think the panels and interviews are great opportunities to learn about something totally outside of my comfort zone. It goes without saying that the team at Toronto Life has its finger on the pulse when it comes to what’s new and exciting in the city. I’m excited to rediscover Toronto as a member and explore its evolving food and drink scene with the guidance of TL Insider.

If not your current job, what do you think you’d be doing for work?
Something I’m passionate about other than my work is architecture and architectural history; I began exploring and sharing local architecture on my social media platforms during the pandemic. If I weren’t working in marketing at the University Club of Toronto, I’d love to go beyond the city and travel the world to find those quirky lesser-known gems. I also spend a lot of my free time working with a group called the Society of Sharing. They advocate for the humane care of seniors in Canada and work to combat social isolation among home-bound seniors. So I’d probably focus more closely on policy initiatives to support that work as well. 

Is there a specific landmark or neighbourhood in Toronto that you find yourself revisiting often?
While I appreciate Toronto’s diverse neighbourhoods, I often find myself returning to Dundas West and Little Portugal. I’m definitely a daytime explorer, and the architecture in that area sparks my curiosity, sometimes leading me to explore different areas. Toronto becomes even more fascinating when you dig into its history, uncovering layers of stories that may not be immediately apparent. 

What is inspiring you these days?
I’m fortunate enough to work at the University Club, where I’m surrounded by art. I find antiquity and any vestige of the past very inspiring right now. Whether it’s art or architecture, I think this curiosity comes from my desire to understand past generations through objects. 

What are you most looking forward to as a member in 2024?
I joined TL Insider for its sense of community and the opportunity to connect with both like-minded individuals and people who have totally different stories than I do. So, along with an exciting trip I have planned to New Orleans in the new year, I’m really looking forward to leaning in to my membership with TL Insider. Let’s explore the city together and create lasting memories!

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