What’s on the menu at Wicked Sammich, a lunch counter that stuffs sandwiches with fries

What’s on the menu at Wicked Sammich, a lunch counter that stuffs sandwiches with fries

The Junction has a new sandwich shop with a Bay State–Portuguese bent. This atypical fusion reflects Wicked Sammich owner Diane Ferreira’s upbringing. “I loved growing up in Fall River, Massachusetts. It’s like 90 per cent Portuguese, so I grew up surrounded by my heritage,” says the ex-stylist, who sold her house to go all in on this venture. Her sandwiches have punny New Englander names, like the Salem Fish Hunt (a tuna melt) and the Thankful Pilgrim (turkey dinner on a bun). A few of the sandwiches are shout-outs to Portuguese favourites like the Bifana Nirvana, grilled pork topped with fries and piri-piri mayo.

The Thankful Pilgrim: turkey, cranberry sauce, gravy and stuffing. $10.98.

The Paul Revere: steak, fries and a sunny-side-up egg on a Kaiser roll. $10.98. (Add sweet peppers, cheese and onions for a few extra bucks.)

The Grindr: mortadella, Portuguese sweet salami, ham, provolone, sweet mixed peppers and a balsamic dressing. $8.98. (It’s a replica of the cold cut subs Ferreira used to order from a Fall River restaurant during her high school days.)

The Bifana Nirvana tops grilled pork cutlet with fries, paprika-perked ketchup, lettuce, tomato, red onion and piri piri mayo. $9.98.

Choureez ‘n’ Chips is another second-gen Portuguese sandwich. This stack’s stuffed with spicy chorizo and fresh-cut fries. $8.98.

Country chicken soup and half a roast beef wrap. $9.50.

A roasted root vegetable salad, served with one of the day’s specials, a turkey, havarti and apricot mustard panini. $9.50.

Th 18-seat space used to be someone’s living room.



2772 Dundas St. W., 416-766-6424, wickedsammich.com