What’s on the menu at My Roti Place, a new build-your-own roti restaurant on Queen West

What’s on the menu at My Roti Place, a new build-your-own roti restaurant on Queen West

Name: My Roti Place
Contact: 406 Queen St. W., 416-366-5554, myrotiplace.com, @myrotiplace
Neighbourhood: Queen West
Previously: The Saigon Hustle
Owners: Dhiraj Tiwari, Karthik Kumar, Vivek Deora
Chef: Karthik Kumar (Fifth Element, Indian Roti House)

The food

A menu of build-your-own roti where the choice starts with the flatbread. Diners choose between traditional white flour, multi-grain and turmeric roti breads, all of which are made in house. They then choose a protein (lamb, chicken, tofu, paneer, fish) and the sauce (korma, “mom’s curry,” vindaloo, mango, saag). Finally, customers choose a desired spice level, the hottest of which the menu refers to as “stupid.” The menu also includes some classic favourites (biryani, samosas), as well as some culinary mashups like butter chicken poutine.

Next month, Kumar will be launching his Agni Challenge. This fiery proposition (agni means fire in Hindi) will pit diners against some seriously spicy roti. Ingredients used in the special agni sauce include Thai red chilies, Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers, white and red chili powder, black pepper powder, Kashmiri mirch powder, habanero peppers, smoked chipotle peppers, Korean chili paste and paprika. If you manage to finish your Scoville-packed roti in one sitting, the meal’s on the house.

Deep-fried, gluten-free cauliflower florets tossed in a honey-garlic and tomato sauce. $5.95.


Tiger shrimp are cooked in a mix of sambal sauces and served atop red cabbage and bell peppers. $8.95.


Butter chicken poutine. $7.95.


Butter chicken in a traditional roti. $12.95.


A turmeric roti stuffed with saag paneer. $11.95.


Lamb biryani, served with cucumber yogurt raita. $13.95.


Gulab jamun ($3.95) and pistachio kulfi ($3.95).


Chef Kumar.


The drinks

The unlicensed joint sells pop, as well as tropical juice (mango and guava) and mango lassi.

Mango lassi. $3.95.


The space

The 16-seat counter service joint has been done up in bold colours: black and yellow with pops of orange, red and green.

This map shows where Indian rotis have been adapted around the world.


Left to right: Tiwari, Kumar and Deora