What’s on the menu at Rose and Sons, Anthony Rose’s diner-turned-deli on Dupont

What’s on the menu at Rose and Sons, Anthony Rose’s diner-turned-deli on Dupont

Name: Rose and Sons
Contact: 176 Dupont St., 647-748-3287, roseandsons.ca, @roseandsons
Neighbourhood: The Annex
Owners: Anthony Rose and Robert Wilder
Chef: Erik Palomino

The food

“After five and a half years, I was bored,” says Anthony Rose, mulling over what prompted the new deli bent for his Dupont diner. “We also hadn’t opened anything in six months, so the ADD kicked in,” jokes Robert Wilder.

In all seriousness, though, Rose admits that he just really loves a good deli, specifically Toronto’s deli culture. He pines for the late great spots like Coleman’s, shuttered for almost 10 years now. “I want to stress that this is a Toronto-style deli,” says Rose, whose menu is made up of dishes he grew up eating (the matzoh ball soup is based on his mom’s recipe) along with a few of his favourites from delis in Montreal and N.Y.C.

As a kid, a pastrami omelette was Rose’s go-to breakfast. The open-faced omelette is topped with a bit of dill and comes with coleslaw and toast. $15. (Available on the brunch menu.)


“Everyone has a fucking opinion about pastrami,” says Rose. His starts off as a pickled brisket crusted in a spice mix. The meat then sits for 24 hours before being smoked for five hours over fruit wood. It’s then slow roasted in the oven before a final steam. This classic hot pastrami sandwich is served on buttered rye, with Russian dressing and coleslaw. $13.


The same pastrami finds its way into this pastrami knish. $8.


Here’s a plate showing off the available deli meats, all made from scratch: hot pastrami, smoked turkey, griddled salami, chopped liver. Meat plates come in half-pound quantities and range from $15-$21. Served with Tymek’s pickles and rye bread.


This Montreal-spiced rib steak is griddled and topped with onions ($27). “I just love that you can add a hot dog to anything on the menu,” says Rose who plopped a $4 dog on this plate, just because.


Look to the (black and white) cookie, Elaine. $4 each.


This two-person dessert involves a slice of New York cheesecake topped with soft serve, whipped cream, wild blueberries, chocolate sauce and maraschino cherries. $16.


Rose, putting the finishing touches on a sundae.


Wilder and Rose.


The drinks

This licensed deli severs more beer than just about anything else, but there are also a few on-theme cocktails, too, like the Slivovitz on the Rocks, which is exactly as advertised: plum brandy on ice. Non-boozy and kid-friendly drinks include egg creams, soda and Kedem grape juice.

The Manischewitz Spritz: Manischewitz and club soda over ice. $12.


The space

While the menu may have changed, the restaurant itself was left pretty much as is—save for all of the displayed cured meats, mustards and pickles, which double as decor.