What’s on the menu at Pick 6ix, the new restaurant and bar where Drake has a personal washroom

What’s on the menu at Pick 6ix, the new restaurant and bar where Drake has a personal washroom

Name: Pick 6ix
Contact: 33 Yonge St., pick6ixto.com, @pick6ixto
Neighbourhood: Financial District
Owners: Nessell “Chubbs” Beezer (Drake’s head of security) and Sabah Nissan
Chefs: Executive chef Antonio Park (Park, Lavanderia, Jatoba, Kampai, Flyjin) and head chef Joon Anh.

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The food

Montreal chef Antonio Park has brought his signature globe-spanning creations to Pick 6ix. The menu jumps from lobster-topped bolognese pasta to nigiri to Latin American dishes slathered in chimichurri, but don’t you dare use the F-word to describe this food—according to Park, it’s not fusion.

This fish sauce–dressed salad is a mix of shaved papaya and carrots. It’s topped with house-made beef jerky, cilantro, mint, basil, chilies, cashews and pistachios. $14.


This butter-poached lobster tail on top of bolognese is something Park serves at his eponymous Montreal restaurant. $39.


A duo of sea bass and hamachi sashimi. Orders of sashimi come in trios, typically nine pieces of three different fish for $35.


Hamachi crudo with moromi miso, jalapeños and yuzu ponzu. $28.


This board includes shima-aji, hamachi, sea urchin, sea bream, chutoro, sea bass and itoyori. Each is topped with luxe accents like caviar, edible gold and flowers. The yellow swooshes on the board are sweet yellow carrot purée. Each piece is $12.


A closer look at the uni.


Tiramisù topped with matcha powder.


This dessert layers white chocolate ganache with coconut yogurt, and then tops it all off with a coconut-Malibu granita and some fruit. $11.


Chef Joon Anh.


The drinks

The wine card has a number of affordable celebratory options, like a $60 bottle of prosecco, though Drake or LeBron James would probably go for something like Ace of Spades champagne, a single bottle of which goes for a casual $700 a (literal) pop. The Old World wines are popular with the C-suite lunch crowd, but come dinner, the super-potent cocktails are the top pick.

Lucuma Loca: Bombay East gin, ginger sour, lucuma juice, white peach purée, prosecco. $12.


The Black Widow (right) is the top-selling cocktail. Maybe because it’s made with Drake’s Virginia Black whiskey. Or maybe just because anything tinted black with charcoal is trendy. There’s also sherry, sour mix and pineapple–star anise bitters in there. It’s topped with a vegan foam product made by Ms. Better’s. $16.


The space

Just about everything in the 178-seat space looks blessed by Midas, from the gold leaf–finished drinks to the gold-splattered menus to Drake’s glittery personal washroom. And what isn’t gold is black Nero Marquina marble, plush velvet or brass so polished it could pass for gold. The sprawling space has a VIP room with its own champagne bar, as well as a VVIP room (accessible only through the VIP room) for when Drake and his pals are in town. (Unsurprisingly, the soundtrack is Drake-heavy.) Come summer, a 108-seat patio will flank Yonge Street.

Here’s where the regular people congregate.


This is the chef’s table.


The open kitchen.


Here’s the VIP room. You can make out the pink champagne bar in the mirrors.


And here’s the VVIP room, which is accessed through the VIP room. Those golden orbs on the ceiling are Void Benelux speakers. (This particular night’s VVIP must have been a big fan of curling.)


The VVIP room, continued.


And this is Drake’s personal loo. Looks like he (or someone) left the seat up.