What’s on the menu at Mythology, Parkdale’s new vegan diner

What’s on the menu at Mythology, Parkdale’s new vegan diner

Name: Mythology Diner
Contact: 1265 Queen St. W., mythologydiner.com, @mythologydiner
Neighbourhood: Parkdale
Previously: The Commodore
Owners: Doug McNish (Public Kitchen) and Hellenic Vincent De Paul (The 5700 Inc.)
Chefs: Doug McNish and Richard Holton (Public Kitchen)

The food

Veganized diner classics made with imitation products so on-point they’ll fool most carnivores: poached “eggs” have yolks that run, and the NY strip “steak” just about bleeds. While the The 5700 Inc. (Doomie’s, The Imperative) has grand plans of transforming Parkdale into “Vegandale” (they’ve already secured two more leases on the strip), McNish’s ambitions are more food-focused. “I just want people to go, ‘Holy shit, this is really good,'” says the chef who’s making everything in house, including cashew-based butter and multiple kinds of vegan cheese.

These boneless wings are made from slow-simmered seitan that gets kneaded by hand and then torn (because cutting it messes with the consistency). It’s tossed in a mix of 11 secret herbs and spices before hitting the deep-fryer. $10.


A blooming onion with chipotle aïoli. $10.


This realistic reuben is piled high with thin-shaved seitan, which gets its bloody hue from a beet bath. $18.


This Vienna-style Salisbury steak is actually a seared chickpea round smothered in a mushroom gravy and served with a choice of loaded baked potato (pictured), fries or garlic mashed potatoes. $17.


The meringue on this lemon pie is made from aquafaba, the viscous water you usually strain from a can of chickpeas ($9). It’s pictured with a whiskey sour topped with aquafaba foam ($12).


Chef Doug McNish.


McNish and his reuben.


The drinks

Classic cocktails with vegan makeovers (like a whisky sour topped with egg white–free foam) and Ontario craft beer (Left Field, Flying Monkeys, Collective Arts Brewing).

Left to right: a whiskey sour with lavender lemon syrup, topped with aquafaba foam ($12); a poached pear mimosa made with St. George Spiced Pear Liqueur, organic apple cider and prosecco, then finished with a slice of ginger-poached pear ($14, available on the brunch menu only); and the Moscow mule, a combo of rosemary-lemon syrup with vodka and ginger beer ($12).


The space

A 50s diner feel (retro-looking chairs, checkerboard flooring) with a few quirks: artists were commissioned to reimagine famous artworks with an animal theme (“The Last Supper” replaces the apostles with an ark’s-worth of critters, while “The Creation of Adam” swaps out Adam for a cow). There’s also a “vegan selfie” room, obviously.

There’s one of those paintings we mentioned.


And another.


And a couple more.


Here’s the obligatory vegan selfie room.


McNish and Vincent De Paul.