What’s on the menu at Meet Fresh, the super-popular Taiwanese dessert chain’s first GTA location

What’s on the menu at Meet Fresh, the super-popular Taiwanese dessert chain’s first GTA location

Name: Meet Fresh
Contact: 5315 Yonge St., 416-546-5139, meetfreshcanada.com
Neighbourhood: Willowdale

The food

This Taiwanese favourite serves up traditional desserts heaped high with things like taro, boba (chewy tapioca balls), mung beans and herbal jelly (a slightly bitter jelly made from a member of the mint family). The brand gained popularity in Asia for its healthy(ish) desserts, made without preservatives.

Mung bean cakes are filled with a mix of mung and red beans and served with two types of mochi: peanut butter and sesame-brown sugar. $7.70.


Egg pudding (left) is topped with tapioca and served with two kinds of mochi that are drizzled with caramel and topped with toasted coconut. $5.70.


The Meet Fresh signature bowl tops ice blended with herbal jelly with even more herbal jelly and some taro balls. The herbal jelly takes eight hours to make and is served both hot and cold. $8.70.


Purple rice porridge with taro balls is sweetened with cream that’s imported from Taiwan. $8.40.


Here it is again.


This taro ball bowl combines taro, red bean and boba. $8.70.


A bowl of tofu pudding with taro and red bean. $7.20.


The volanco of shaved ice is doused with two kinds of milk (condensed, coconut) and sided with egg pudding, boba and mini taro balls. On top: one brown sugar-seasame mochi. $10.70.


Can’t decide? Get one of everything.


Alice Chu is one of the co-owners of Meet Fresh East, the first Ontario franchise of the Taiwanese brand. There are more than 600 locations worldwide.


The drinks

Teas (green, black, winter melon) come plain or made up as milk teas. Customers can choose to customize their drinks with toppings like herbal jelly, taro balls or boba.

The space

The two-storey space is divided between the take-out counter (downstairs) and the 45-seat dining room (upstairs).

Guests who choose to dine in get a buzzer that goes off when their food is ready. Their trays are sent up from the kitchen in a dumbwaiter.