What’s on the menu at Konjiki Ramen’s new downtown location

What’s on the menu at Konjiki Ramen’s new downtown location

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Name: Konjiki Ramen Downtown
Contact: 41 Elm St., 2nd Fl., 416-519-6794, konjikiramen.com, @konjiki_ramen
Neighbourhood: Downtown Core
Owners: Atsushi Yamamoto (Konjiki Ramen and Tokyo’s Konjikihototogisu) and Toronto-based investors
Chef: Atsushi Yamamoto
Accessibility: Six steps at entrance; restaurant up another flight of stairs once inside.

The food

In addition to its signature clam broth ramen and popular appetizers (chicken karaage, deep-fried king mushrooms), this second outpost of Tokyo’s Michelin-starred ramen shop also serves a few new items: a vegetarian avocado ramen, a pork tonkotsu ramen with an even richer broth, and a special wagyu and Angus beef ramen that’s only available Sundays through Tuesdays.

Avocado Vegetarian Ramen has an avocado, soy milk and vegetable soup base. It’s topped with arugula, porcini mushrooms and oil, tomato, tofu nuggets, roasted corn and roasted pumpkin. $14.


Topped with sous vide pork chashu, pickled ginger and takana, braised bamboo shoots and spring onions, the Tonkotsu Ramen at the downtown location has a richer broth thanks to a 24-hour cooking process. $14.


The Wagyu and Angus Beef Shoyu Ramen was created by chef Yamamoto specifically for his new downtown location. It features a beef, dashi and chicken soup base, wagyu beef slices, and braised Angus tendon and brisket. It’s finished with black truffle sauce, leeks, watercress and onions. $19.50.


The drinks

There’s Asahi Super Dry on tap and Dry Black in bottles, plus all the usual non-alcoholic suspects (tea, juice, pop).

The space

The former lawyer’s office has been converted into two restaurants: this upstairs ramen shop that seats 30, and Shitamachi Tendon Akimitsu on the main floor, a well-known tendon house from Japan that’s opening soon. According to manager Alan Posner, the walk-in only space has a paging system to let guests know when their table is ready.