What’s on the menu at Beauty Barbecue & Smokehouse, Oliver and Bonacini’s new spot in North York

What’s on the menu at Beauty Barbecue & Smokehouse, Oliver and Bonacini’s new spot in North York

Name: Beauty Barbecue & Smokehouse
Contact: Bayview Village, 2901 Bayview Ave., 647-943-6782, beautybbq.com, @beautybbq
Neighbourhood: Bayview Village
Previously: Origin North
Owners: O&B Hospitality
Chefs: Corporate executive chef Anthony Walsh and executive chef Andrew Piccinin

The food

Barbecue and smoked meat, available by the pound or stacked on a bun. Sides include pickles and peppers, grilled cornbread, chili made with beef chuck and burnt ends—there’s even a kale salad. Takeout and delivery is available through Foodora, UberEats, and Skip The Dishes.

The grilled cornbread is made with both creamed and fresh corn, cheese, and jalapeños. $3.50.


A small caesar salad. $5.50.


Using vegetables from 100km Foods, Tamarack Farms and Cookstown Greens, the BBQ Roots, Grains + Seeds Bowl includes barley, wheat berries, rye berries, quinoa, pepitas, sunflower seeds, kasha, fresh mint, basil and a mixture of root vegetables. $6 for a small. (Shown here with a beef chuck and burnt end chili. $9.)


The BBQ smoked chicken is brined for 12 hours, honey dipped, then smoked for another few hours. $24 for a whole bird.


The BBQ smoked chicken sandwich features six ounces of shredded smoked chicken meat coated in Beauty’s white sauce and topped with bread and butter pickles, lettuce and tomatoes. $11.


Inspired by Walsh’s Montreal roots, the dry-cured, week-brined, six-hour smoked “Torontreal” smoked meat is available for $26 a pound.


It also comes on a Martin’s potato roll with yellow mustard. $12.
Four-hour smoked baby-back ribs are finished with a house-made barbecue-cola sauce. $18 a pound.


Overnight-smoked beef brisket is $26 a pound.


The two desserts on offer at the moment are served on sticks: chocolate-covered frozen key lime pie ($5.50) and frozen s’mores cheesecake ($6).


A spread.


Left to right: general manager Jon Mann, Anthony Walsh and Andrew Piccinin.


Walsh, checking up on some brining meat.


The drinks

A selection of bottled beer, canned wine, coolers, craft sodas, juice and pop.

The space

The fast-casual restaurant has limited seating inside, but a bunch of picnic tables on the patio make up for that. Fun fact: one whole wall is made of boards from old cornhole games.

Here’s part of the patio.